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our staff

Nobody appreciates more than Lokanda that “staff makes the difference.” We always have in mind that the camp experience is about people. We invest in people whose primary focus is the happiness and safety of your child. You can tell how important our staff is to us in the way we select and train staff. And, you can tell how important and rewarding Lokanda is to our staff, as evidenced by our incredible rate of return of staff at all levels.

Our staff is hired on the basis of values, passion, skills, and a genuine love for children. Our unique and careful interview process, created for us by a human resources company, allows us to identify candidates who have the intelligence, compassion, skills, and motivation to be a successful Lokanda staff member. Candidates are interviewed by skype by either a Director or Campus Leader.  We also do reference and background checks for all potential staff members. 

Every staff member, whether new or returning, arrives at camp at least one week early and has an extensive training period before your child arrives.  We use varied training techniques to provide our staff with the insights and tools that enable them to properly care for your child and offer campers a fun-filled, safe summer!

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