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the lokanda way

Camp Lokanda is an ACA Accredited premier co-ed sleepaway camp located in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Since 1937, Camp Lokanda has been a place where children come to have amazing summers, all while making lifelong friendships, building confidence, learning new skills and creating priceless memories.  Providing a safe and nurturing environment is a necessary part of success at camp, and we also know that helping children to adopt positive character traits goes a long way towards building self-esteem and self-confidence. 

With our policy of no screens (electronics), Lokanda campers can "disconnect" and learn how to treat other, face to face, with respect and kindness. 

​This environment at camp enables our campers and staff to succeed in making and keeping friends, while growing to be thoughtful and kind.   We call this "The Lokanda Way", which is an  integral part of Lokanda's tradition and culture. 

The Lokanda Way is about teaching children about sharing, caring, and living with others. It is about encouraging campers and staff to be helpful, tolerant, and sensitive to the needs of others. It is about good sportsmanship, so that we enjoy our victories, but not take pleasure in another’s defeat.  It is about campers who offer help, support, and encouragement to their fellow campers. 

The Lokanda Way has existed since 1937 through generations of Lokanda campers and staff, and by practicing it, we are rewarded with life long friendships.    With so many positive ways to recognize campers and those practicing the Lokanda Way, campers return summer after summer and grow to be mature, well rounded, positive young adults.  

This begins well before our new campers begin their first summer, through a program we created called Club Lokanda. 


"Club Lokanda" is an amazing tradition that we've always had at Camp Lokanda. Our mission is to gradually help campers make the transition from home to camp easier, by offering a series of wintertime events. Club Lokanda events help campers begin making friends long before the first day of camp and become familiar with many of our counselors, senior staff and directors who attend and help run these events.

Sunset Over Lake

They learn early on, that the Lokanda staff is caring and fun to be with.  Club Lokanda is open to both new and returning campers. The returning campers (our "old timers") want to widen their circle of friends and also introduce new campers to the "Lokanda Way".   As a result of Club Lokanda, campers develop friendships and feel that Lokanda is their camp long before they arrive there on the first day.  

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