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Our bunks are comfortable, modern and clean with bathrooms, showers and beautiful lake views. Fans and a great lake breeze let our campers enjoy the cool summer evenings.   The majority of our bunks are new and are designed with the campers in mind, providing plenty of space and the ability to keep their areas clean and organized.  Every day, we have staff who clean the bathrooms, but there is still a chore wheel for our campers for their bunk living area.

Our bunks are equipped with tankless instant water heaters which efficiently provide all the hot water the kids need.   Our Upper teen campers live on separate campuses where they enjoy additional amenities and common area lounges. Our teen boys even have their own private basketball court!


Camp Lokanda’s Dining Hall is a modern building that creates an amazing dining experience where the whole camp can gather to eat, sing, laugh, and celebrate three times a day!  Eating together at round tables really helps cultivate our culture of togetherness and raises our camp spirit to amazing levels! 

Attached to the dining hall is a covered patio which is really great for our barbeque dinners.  Our new Dining Hall also allows us to tailor our dining style to the age of the campers, from family-style dining to self-serve.  

Camp Lokanda serves Kosher food and our campers and staff enjoy a great variety of food options, including a full salad bar and pasta bar at Lunch and Dinner.  We are nut-free and can accommodate campers with certain allergy restrictions.  There are plenty of healthy food options to choose from and we have special food events as well! 


At night, our newly rebuilt Canteen becomes a hot-spot for all of our campers.  Serving soft-serve ice cream, churros, fresh popcorn, brick-oven pizza, and lots of other items and candy, it is easily one of their favorite places to catch up and share stories about their day.    They can also play air hockey and a few other arcade games while listening to music and even catch up on some scores from their favorite sports teams.


Our Social Hall is a beautiful air-conditioned building that is spacious enough to hold all of our campers and staff. This is the place for our drama productions, talent shows, dance productions, and many of our all-camp evening activities. It also serves as an indoor basketball court and houses one of our two dance studios, yoga studio, and drama rehearsal room. With our own professional DJ equipment, we are able to hold discos at a moment’s notice!


Our Health Center is a modern, air-conditioned facility open and staffed 24 hours a day. With a physician living on-site, nurses, assistants and an administrator, our campers are able to receive great care at any time. We have also incorporated well and sick lounges to make campers more comfortable and private rooms are available for overnight stays. 

Camp Lokanda is located within 2.5 miles of the local EMT station and within 15 miles of our local hospital.

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