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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does a typical day at camp look like?

Campers enjoy a day filled with 3 morning periods and 3 afternoon periods, each lasting about one hour. Of course, there’s a great breakfast, lunch and dinner for them when they join their friends in our Dining Halls and create great atmosphere with all of the camp songs and cheers. After dinner, they enjoy a free play period and then it’s off to an evening activity which is then capped off with a visit to the canteen or milk and cookies back at the bunk.

All campers have at least one “option” period built into the schedule. As the campers become older, their day is filled with more option periods where they can focus and decide the things they get to do.


Q: Food, tell me about the food!

All of the food served at Lokanda is Kosher and dairy and meat meals are never mixed. Our Chef takes great pride in the variety and quality of the meals offered during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Campers enjoy so many options and there is always a great salad bar for kids to enjoy. In the event there is a special dietary issue, the Directors are always available to discuss this with the parents and make every effort to accommodate the children.


Q: I want to talk to my kids; how do I communicate with them? How often?

1) Phone calls: Parents get to hear all of the exciting stories from their younger campers 4 times a summer. The dates and times are selected by the parents prior to the start of camp. 

2) Email: Parents can always send emails to their children at Camp Lokanda. The emails are printed and delivered daily! 

3) Mail and Packages: Parents may write their children as often as they like, and the kids get so excited to receive mail! We encourage our campers to write their families as well to let them know about their new friendships and adventures they’re experiencing at camp. While we allow packages, they are limited in size and quantity during the summer. 

4) Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures! During the summer, Camp Lokanda posts approximately 500 pictures every day on their website, rotating coverage of the different campuses. Together with our daily article, parents can read about and see all of the fun their kids are having!


Q: Where are most campers from?

Most of our campers come from the Tri-State area and Florida. The majority come from Long Island, Florida, New Jersey, Westchester, Manhattan and Connecticut. During the offseason, don’t be surprised to be hosting camp sleepovers!


Q: Can my child pick their bunkmates?

Camp Lokanda takes great care in making bunk assignments. Our priority is to make bunks that work for each camper and the group as a whole. After our winter Club Lokanda program is completed in June, families can submit a limited number of bunk requests. While we cannot guarantee that each request can be honored, our Directors and Campus Leadsers work diligently to honor our campers’ requests.


Q: Where is most of the staff from?

Where aren’t they from?!? Actually, most of our veteran staff comes from the same areas as our campers, and in fact, many are former Lokanda campers! We have staff from all over the United States, Canada, England, Australia and many other parts of the world. Sharing stories and cultures with our international staff is amazing and we certainly look for the most qualified, caring and energetic staff members we can find! While many of our staff members return year after year, we do carefully interview and screen all of our new staff members.


Q: I heard that there are services on Friday night? Is the camp religious?

On Friday evenings, campers at Lokanda enjoy a traditional Shabbat dinner  followed by a brief gathering down by the lake for our Friday Night Services as the sun sets in the background. The service is often lead by our own campers and is such a great time for siblings, family and all of our campers to spend time together.


Q: What are the special activities like?

We have wonderful evening activities every night after free play and many other special events. Some are done with the entire camp while others are done with the individual group. We have concerts, entertainers, discos, talent shows, dance shows, theatrical productions and many other exciting highlights throughout the summer. We host our own parade that is followed by a great carnival filled with rides, games and booths. July 4th is always a special night capped off with a dazzling firework show over the lake. Campers love our fun, varied activities that are rich with Lokanda tradition as well as the new activities that are staff creates each summer!


Q: Are campers required to wear uniforms?

Camp Lokanda is not a uniform camp. Grey and red Lokanda shirts are worn on Friday nights for services, inter-camp games and tournaments, and on certain trips out of camp.


Q: Hey, I have other questions, what if my question isn’t listed above?!?

As a catch-all answer to any question not listed…Yes, we have bugs (but not too many), water fights, silly races, crazy competitions, games, Color War, Olympics, Fake-outs, Girls Sing, Boys Sing, World Cup Soccer, campus songs, s’mores, popsicles, ice cream sandwiches, a sky filled with more stars than you can imagine and just about every other thing that makes camp…CAMP.