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Creative Arts
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Get Creative!

Limitless Areas!

Our creative areas are designed to allow campers to use their imaginations and express themselves through art. Lokanda is unique in having a state of the art Art Center that provides limitless opportunities for our campers to create projects and explore their creative side.  

Activity Center

State of the Art!

Our Art Center, which contains our Ceramics Studio, Wood Shop, Music Stage, Cooking Studio, News Room, and massive Art Area is a sight to be seen!  Campers can create anything, and can be inspired by so many of our projects

Games, Gadgets and Rocketry!

Great for Everyone!

There's nothing like launching the rocket you made into the blue sky after an official countdown!  Overlooking our lake, our Games, Gadgets, and Rocketry (GGR) building is a place that where campers can make their own rockets, help build robots, play great games like chess, checkers, classic board games, and more.  GGR is always changing to match our campers' creativity!

Performing Arts

Lights, Camera, Action!

Our Drama Department is lead up by our specialist and we produce a major musical over the course of the summer as well as other valuable drama lessons.  Campers can act, sing, dance, or help with the behind the scenes elements, like scenery, costumes, sound and lighting.  Our talent show is also an amazing platform for our campers to showcase their talents!

Love to Dance?  No problem!  With our new Dance Academy, campers can participate in our awesome Dance Show as well as be part of a dance team that competes in intercamp dance competitions.

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