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Outdoor Adventure
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Nature and Science Center

Truly a one-of-a-kind facility in camping.  With new animals every year, our campers get to interact with all different types of animals, while learning about their habits.  With an outdoor petting zoo and an indoor center that houses over 50 types of reptiles, birds, and mammals, there's so much to do at our Nature Center.   Couple that with all the amazing science experiments, this is a camper favorite!


Adventure Walk and Ropes Course

High elements and low elements are just the beginning.  With an amazing 5 sided rock climbing tower, Zip Lines and so many elements set up in the trees right by the lake, the campers learn to grow and overcome as they tackle our Ropes Course.   Still need more adventure?  Campers can head over to our newly built Adventure Walk with over 12 elements they can explore while secured by the state of the art Smart-Belay system. 



With their bows drawn back, the campers can take aim with our compound bows at the targets as they hone in on their skill.  With different levels of instruction, Archery is a great outdoor event that's part of Lokanda's adventure program.


Teepees and Cookouts

Yes!  They can spend a night at our teepees with their friends.  Our campers enjoy authentic teepees along side a great fire pit where they can share stories over 'smores.   With their sleeping bags and friends, they won't soon forget their amazing time laughing and singing during their teepee adventure.

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