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FAQ's for staff

Where is Camp Lokanda?

Aerial Picture of Camp Lokanda

Our location is one of our best features! We're an upstate-yet-nearby New York State camp, near a cute little (actually, very little!) town named Glen Spey. We're close enough to the Big Apple (about two hours) so counselors can have an opportunity to do some first-class sightseeing. But we're also far enough from the Big City so we can see a whole lot of stars at night and maybe some awesome wildlife during the day.

We're five miles from great rafting and tubing on the Delaware River and we're right on a scenic lake, Loch Ada (boating, sailing, fishing). The city of Middletown (huge new mall, food court, tenplex movie theater) is only forty minutes away.

What Will You Be Doing?

Staff with Campers

Our counselors do two things: work hard, play hard.   They can coach many sports, like soccer, tennis, hockey, basketball, baseball and much more! They can teach arts and crafts, ceramics, drama, singing, dance and much more!  They can also participate in special camp events throughout the summer, like trips, dances, scavenger hunts and much more!


The best part of all this: They do it all with their campers, guiding them, laughing with them, and having a great time helping them grow and have a great time!


When your camp duties are done, our staff has time to enjoy planned evening activities and enjoy our staff lounge, with wi-fi, computers and couches to relax and socialize.   We also have buses to local areas during the summer if you wish to explore with your friends.  We bring counselors here from all over the world to add that special touch of diversity.

Career and Educational Opportunities

Staff with Campers

What can a summer at Camp Lokanda do for you? A growing number of our staff are involved in child development as a career. Spending your summer with us can help you:


  • Learn from professionals in the field.

  • Experience East Coast America.

  • Gain work experience in the field of child development.

  • Build professional references and contacts.

  • Experience hands-on teaching & coaching.

  • Camp Lokanda staff are experts in the field and can help you define your career.


An Amazing Opportunity

Soccer Staff

We go out of our way to find the right people and we pay them top salaries.  If you feel you would be a great member of our team and help contribute in making the summers at Lokanda the best they can be, please consider the following:

  • Having a staff member with a positive attitude and a good work ethic ensures the safety, well-being and happiness of everyone at camp.  It's something we all work hard for and achieve every summer. 

  • Our camp is a smoke free, drug free and alcohol free environment.

  • One of our favorite things about Lokanda for campers and staff, is that we all detach from our electronic devices. Phones, tablets or any devices with screens cannot be carried around camp or are permitted in the bunks or work areas.  During your time off, we have a great staff lounge with wifi, computers and lockers (for your phone and other personal items).  

  • Lokanda provides a great opportunity for all of our staff to grow, learn and build amazing relationships with both campers and staff.  It will provide you with a great opportunity to manage time, people and situations that will make you a better person in the "real world".  

  • All of our staff work hard and the job is very rewarding.  Each staff member is an integral part in making each summer at Camp Lokanda successful.   

  • We do background checks and will interview every staff member who applies at Camp Lokanda.   We are looking for amazing, energetic and positive people to help shape children's lives and make Lokanda an amazing place to work. 

If you think this is a great place for you and are ready for a summer experience that you will not want to end (and count down the days until the following summer), please get in touch with us by filling an application to become a member of our family!

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