The Path to Summer 2021

We are so excited to bring our Lokanda Family back together for a fantastic Summer.  With the knowledge, data, and information about COVID gained throughout this past year, we are paving the path to a safe and fun summer for all of our campers and staff.  We will share more specific guidelines and protocols prior to the beginning of camp, but in the meantime, we wanted to keep the lines of communication open and share our preliminary plans based on the information we currently have. All information is subject to change as our final plans will be based on the then current COVID environment as well as guidelines from the NY State Department of Health, CDC, and American Camp Association. We will be using this webpage to provide you with updates as our plans continue to evolve.

Cleaning, Sanitizing and Hygiene

While we have always prioritized the cleanliness and hygiene at camp, the following additional measures will be implemented at Lokanda this summer: • Increase the frequency and perform deep cleanings of shared surfaces and indoor facilities; • Use of electrostatic sprayers, steam and other tools to help us efficiently keep areas clean and disinfected; • Additional hand sanitizing points placed throughout camp; • Additional hand washing stations;
• Hiring additional housekeeping staff for the summer;
• Require frequent handwashing and sanitizing throughout the day;
• As always, our kitchen and Dining Hall will be cleaned and disinfected after each meal as well as utilizing disposable plates and utensils;
• Wherever possible, we will eliminate contact with high-touch surfaces (ex. propping a door open or lid-free garbage cans, etc.).

Our Camp Environment / Visitors and Leaving Camp

This summer, it is likely that we will have a more controlled campus at Lokanda in order to mitigate risk and keep our camp community safe. This would most likely mean that our campers and staff would be required to remain on camp grounds throughout the summer and if that were the case Visiting Day, Rookie Day, Trips and intercamp Tournaments would be suspended. We would also limit access to camp to only essential service providers (eg food service delivery, etc.) following strict safety protocols. Ultimately, the final decision of what our controlled campus will look like will be made in the upcoming months with the utmost concern for camper and staff safety. Our camp programming will be top notch, including more in-camp tournaments, traditional camp activities and even more special events!

Camper Testing and Procedures

Testing is going to be a key for us to establish a safe environment at Lokanda this summer. We are currently planning on using a multi-testing approach for our campers and staff. In order to mitigate the risks of COVID being brought into camp we will ask all campers and staff to take additional safety measures in the two weeks prior to their arrival. We will continue to review the latest data and guidance from public health officials, but we believe this will be a time to be especially diligent about avoiding crowded spaces and exposures outside your normal co-hort. While we are aware that school may still be in session for many, we will be asking to limit interactions outside of school. Our campers and staff will also need to complete a daily health screening for the week prior to their arrival at camp. We will communicate the specifics based on the information we have as camp approaches. We do anticipate a testing approach as follows with our goal of having 3 tests done all with negative results: Testing Schedule: • 1st Testing - At home 5 days prior to camp;
• 2nd Testing - Opening Day onsite;
• 3rd Testing - 4-5 days into camp. Please note that the type of testing, as well as the frequency, will be finalized closer to June, as this is one area that is evolving at a rapid pace.

Camper Arrival

We are planning for June 26th to be our first day of camp and looking forward to our full 7 week summer! Based on the information available to us now, we will likely avoid buses and large gatherings and are strongly considering camper drop-off for our campers in the tri-state area. As mentioned earlier, all campers will be COVID tested upon arrival and we will stagger arrival times to ensure a smooth transition for campers. Our Florida campers will follow safety procedures and testing as well. We are working with other camps to arrange a camper flight and we will share more information in the coming weeks.

Social Distancing, Masks and Meals

At the beginning of camp, campers will travel in small pods. This means that when you interact (mix) with someone outside your pod you will need a mask. When physical distancing cannot be achieved with another pod, or if they are indoors (other than your bunk), masks will be required (especially during the first part of the summer). As we progress safely through the beginning of camp and our 1st week's testing, we plan to expand the pods and allow for larger camper interactions. Outdoor programs will take place with friends from outside of the smaller pods while maintaining a physical distance or wearing a mask. Therefore, campers and staff should expect to wear masks more frequently in the beginning and less often as we progress safely through the summer. We will ask you to send masks with your camper and will communicate closer to the summer the amount and types of masks. We are fortunate to have a large and a very well ventilated dining facility, including our large outdoor dining covered pavilion. With the addition of 25 new picnic tables and tenting, we will have additional outdoor dining space as well. We are looking at every aspect of our meal service plan and making any changes necessary to ensure campers will have the great Lokanda menu they are used to and to ensure that it will be delivered in the safest way.

Camper Experience

We are increasingly aware of how much camp is needed more than ever for all of us. We will all need to disconnect from our devices and get back to socializing in the best environment, CAMP!! While we are fortunate that most of Camp Lokanda's programming already utilizes our vast outdoor spaces and open air pavilions, we have purchased additional tents, picnic tables and coverings to allow us for even more flexibility. This gives us the ability to ensure outdoor fun all summer; rain or shine! Our traditional Lokanda-only leagues and tournaments will continue and we are organizing many other special events and campus appropriate activities to ensure that this summer is exciting and fun!

Our Staff

We need to make sure that our awesome staff have a safe, fun and rewarding experience at camp as well. Should we have a more controlled campus this summer, it would mean that staff time off will be spent in camp, rather than outside. In addition to our on-site staff lounge, we are creating space within Lokanda for our staff to recharge, relax and spend time with their peers during their time off. Our staff will follow the same protocols that our campers follow, including pre-camp, upon arrival, and throughout the summer. Additionally there will be a quarantine period at camp prior to the campers' arrival (with social distancing and safety protocols in place). Vaccine With respect to the vaccine, we are strongly encouraging all of our staff to get vaccinated as soon as vaccines are available to them. The American Camp Association successfully lobbied for the CDC to recognize camp counselors as essential childcare providers. Of course, this all depends on availability and the roll out of the vaccines prior to everyone's arrival. We are optimistic about our staff being vaccinated.

Visiting Day

There is a strong possibility that we will not be able to have our traditional in-person Visiting Day in order to keep our camp community safe. If that is the case, we are exploring virtual options so that our campers and their parents can connect. This will also allow our parents to meet their child's camp family and see their children in action. We will make sure it will be an extra special time on each campus with treats that the kids will love. Details to follow once final decisions are made.

Health Center

Camp Lokanda will have both a doctor and multiple nurses present at camp 24/7. This summer we have also increased our nursing staff. Our medical team will work with the Directors to determine our health protocols and operation plans for the summer. We will maintain consistent contact with local health facilities and the NYS Department of Health and will have all necessary PPE in accordance with all guidelines.

 Keeping our Camp Community Safe


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