Wednesday, June 30th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Yesterday began with sunshine and clear skies. Our day was off to a great start! Chef Jerry prepared scrambled eggs and warm, toasty bagels. As usual, there was fresh fruit, hard-boiled eggs, yogurt choices, and an array of cereal options. After breakfast, campers were off to their activity areas.

Our Lower Camp Girls enjoyed paddling around the beautiful lake in the earlier part of the day, in addition to playing cage soccer, gymnastics, and 9-square, a Lokanda favorite. They hit the courts and fields in the afternoon and also splashed and played in the Mane Pool. In MCG news, the Inters and Crescents played in their "major" sports selection in the morning and then went to the Lokanda Raceway as well. Everyone had a blast! They too got out on the lake in the afternoon at boating and Waterpark.

Lower Camp Boys had loads of fun as well, jumping and splashing at Waterpark, and playing kickball, flag football, Gaga, and hockey. In an MCB update, Rangers played Euro in the Lion's Den and headed to Lokanda Raceway. Juniors played Euro and then headed to the Mane Pool to cool off. They also began playing in their major sports selections.

Upper Camp Girls also played Euro, hit the Go-Karts, and did yoga. They enjoyed both the physical and mental benefits of their yoga practice and plan to continue that throughout the summer. Upper Camp Boys climbed and swung in Outdoor Adventure, went boating, visited the fitness center, and more. It was a activity-filled day for all.

Last night, we had our customary "Taco Tuesday," complete with all our favorite taco toppings, including Chef Jerry's famous Guac! After dinner, our en