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Wednesday, June 22nd

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Here's your "lion's share" to kick off our much-anticipated 2022 season!

We are in the thick of Staff Orientation Week and the fun is certainly underway! We have an amazing group of new and returning counselors and specialty staff who are learning about all things Lokanda and are getting ready for our campers to arrive.

On Monday night, we had Rak Dan come and entertain staff with a three-hour dance party! Everyone was moving and grooving and learning the level of excitement and energy characteristic of a true Lokanda evening activity.

Last night, we rolled out Color Clash 2022 to give staff the sweet taste of competition! There was an awesome breakout and all of our staff was split into two teams, Red and Grey.

Teams did a bucket brigade to mirror the amazing and iconic Olympics event, then followed that up with rounds of Tug-of-War. Color Clash 2022 would of course not be complete without a Sing competition which took place in the Social Hall and capped off the tremendous evening.

It was truly a fantastic event and a great way for our staff to understand how spirited and exciting all of our special events are here at Camp Lokanda, especially our flagship ones like Olympics and Color War.

The training and fun are continuing today and the rest of the week. All of us up at camp are tirelessly and eagerly preparing for the summer. We really cannot wait!

With spirited cheering and smiling staff, today is definitely a Wonderful, We-Cannot-Wait Wednesday!


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