Wednesday, July 7th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Our stretch of nice weather continued yesterday as campers were out and about at all of our fields and activity areas.

The lake was alive with excitement, with campers of all ages taking advantage of our Waterpark with all of its inflatables! Nearby, campers cruised and paddled on the cool, clean waters of our pristine lake. Our pools were also busy all day, keeping the kids wet and refreshed. The shaded forest that houses Outdoor Adventure was a cool respite from the heat, and campers continued to test their limits on our 6-sided rock climbing wall, elaborate Adventure Walk ropes course, and awe-inspiring zipline. The campers who visited Waterski had a blast as well!

In Art, our Lower Campers are experimenting with color and are tie-dyeing t-shirts. Almost all of our groups have designed their own tie-dye creations. They will all look great in their colorful shirts! Alongside those projects, campers are painting 3-D art on canvases and will add a gloss to the finished product to really up the "wow" factor. All of our campers love visiting the Art Center--to paint, create, and explore different mediums.

In Cooking, campers are making omelettes and smoothies, and they are able to choose the omelette ingredients they crave. Of course, they are gently encouraged to add a vegetable or two. They practice working at the stove, carefully flipping the eggs, etc. The Rangers and other groups also made "French Toast Muffin Cups." They carried out all aspects of the recipe, from cracking the eggs, to measuring out all the ingredients, etc. and of course savored their deliciously sweet results. They even shared some of their muffins with the Upper Teen Boys and CITs!

9-square is the new craze. This game of strategy and skill is a Lokanda favorite, as is nearby gaga, of course. Our Middle Camp Girls have really taken to Lacrosse, which is often selected as a major sports selection, with groups even returning for options later in the day.

Last night, each group held its own evening activity, including Game Night, a Co-ed Scavenger Hunt, Superdodge, Movie Night, and much fun all around!

Today, our Inters, Crescents, Rangers, and Juniors were surprised with a mystery bus ride to the movies! They headed out after breakfast to a movie theater that has been closed to the public and is being used this morning exclusively for Camp Lokanda campers and staff members. The campers were so excited for this unexpected treat!

With sun shining and smiling faces all around, this is definitely a Wonderful Wednesday!

We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Brandon Scott!