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Wednesday, July 6th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

We had an all-around fabulous day at camp yesterday. It began with a warm, scrumptious breakfast that led us into an action-packed day ahead. Our oldest campers, our Upper Teens, went on an unforgettable river rafting trip along the Delaware. Oh what stories they had to share upon their return! They had a blast!

Back at home, we hosted two tournaments. During our 7th grade boys basketball game against Timber Lake West, our boys dominated. Point guard Gabe Hoffman really commanded the court with highly impressive ball handling skills and a remarkably accurate jump shot. Coach Chris Cummings remarked, "He's a fine fighter!" Another offensive powerhouse is Tyler Paul who scores 3-pointers like it's his job. Gabe's cousin, Zach Hoffman, Brody Rusinoff, and big man center, Zack Krumholz, rounded off a talented starting lineup. They ended the first game with a dramatic win of 36 - 21. In the finals against Chipinaw, the competition got heated and resulted in some highly debated calls. Ultimately, after a hard-fought battle, our boys lost by one point to their opponents, 24-23. Regardless of the loss, the skilled team proved that they are true contenders and ones to watch as the rest of this summer season of competition unfolds. Well done!

In a riveting intracamp tournament, MCB completed their semifinals round of flag football. The championhip is set for tomorrow night. The Jets, led by quarterback Junior Sage Kornreich, and the Chiefs, led by quarterback Subbie Chase Kohlberg, are the two teams who will be facing off in what is expected to be a formidable matchup.

Our Inters and Crescents had ther sports instruction for their major sports selection. Subbie Girls played competitive rounds of Cage Soccer. while Debs broke a sweat Nascar-style at Lokanda Raceway. Our Sophs went on a scavenger hunt in Nature and searched for different leaves, bugs, and furry chipmunks, among other natural elements. They ended the period petting our friendly ferret and guinea pigs.

For dinner, it was Taco Tuesday, complete with Ronen's witty puns to start off the evening. Campers, of course, quickly got in on the fun and added their own Taco-friendly puns to the dinnertime ambiance.

Last night, our CIT's hosted our annual first disco of the summer. The evening began for all with a fun visit to the canteen for snacks and hang out time. Soon after, they headed up to the Social Hall for a CITime Machine experience. Decor and costumes on the CIT's represented different decades and time periods from Moses and Pharaoh to 60's groovy gals to 70's disco dancers and beyond. There was even a cowboy and gladiator in the mix. What fun! The kids were so excited seeing their favorite CIT's all dressed up and ready to party with them. Better yet, each age group got their own time in the disco, making for a truly awesome evening.

Today, we are back to sun, sun, sun for this marvelous, glorious, and of course WACKY Wednesday!!!


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