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Wednesday, July 27th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Yesterday morning began with the perfect weather--not too hot, with a subtle breeze. Upper Camp Girls were surprised with a visit from the Lokanda Express, and the smiles on their faces proved you're never too old or cool for surprise pancakes! Our morning was filled with activity. LCB began the day with sports instruction, and our Plebes followed that up with Ceramics where campers took their turns using our wheels to mold symmetrical bowls from scratch! What a skill! Our Lower Teen Boys were nearby practicing their skills as sushi chefs! Candy sushi does invite some really creative and wacky looking concoctions! Subbie Girls leaped, jumped, and balanced their way around the equipment in Gymnastics while across camp, our Debs zoomed around Lokanda Raceway in our awesome, new this season, electric Go-Karts. They had a blast!

During the afternoon, every group at camp visited the annual camp Carnival, complete with games, inflatable slides--including the tallest inflatable slide in the Northeast--a jousting attraction, face painting, classic carnival treats, and more! The food highlight of the afternoon was the famous "Corn Guy." Over a thousand ears of fresh corn are roasted on site, dipped in butter, and seasoned with any spice of your liking--salt, pepper, garlic, parmesan, cajun, etc. The combinations are endless and addictive, making everyone thirsting for seconds...and thirds...and, well, you catch the drift.

To everyone's continued delight, last night was our annual camp favorite, "Food Court." Think shopping mall eats meets Bar-Mitzvah cocktail hour! Campers dined on Chef Jerry's version of "Panda Express," "Taco Bell," "Buffalo Wild Wings," "Fresh Market," "Nathan's," "Sbarro," "Dunkin' Donuts," and more! Our Upper Teens donned chef's hats and served our campers the fine cuisine. Ronen took to the mic and was our "master of ceremonies," so to speak, giving fun commentary over easy listening jazz music. It was a food festival fit for kings!

In World Cup Soccer news on LCB,last night's games brought out new rankings! Green Cameroon been Purple Jamaica with a score of 3-1. Lev Erstein, Jordan Rabinovich, and Landon Greene scored for Green and Noah Stevens scored for Purple. White Netherlands tied with Red Switzerland with a score of 1-1, with goals by Simon Klonsky and Aiden Friedland, respectively. Sportsmanship patches were presented to Jacob Mann, Hunter Kivowitz, Jordan Schoenfeld, and Toby Mann. The competition continues later this week!

Our Upper Teens and CITs are getting pumped up for some big events over the next couple of days! Yesterday, they wrote and practiced new cheers for their appearance at Gordon Cup today at Timber Lake Camp. Can they go all the way and bring back the cup? We sure hope so! If a there was an award for the best fan base, Lokanda would surely win. They will be getting the royal cheering treatment by fellow Upper camper and CIT spectators, which certainly can only help their morale. Back at home, campers here are keeping up with the scores as well and are rooting for our oldest hockey players!

We are having a Wishful & Wonderful Wednesday!


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