Wednesday, July 21st

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Yet again our stretch of good weather continued yesterday, with barely a cloud in the sky. Campers were out and about at our different activity areas. Art was bustling, as usual, as our Upper Girls were busy preparing for Birthday Ball. Our music studio and gazebos around camp were filled throughout the day with girls of all ages practicing their Birthday Ball entrance and march songs and preparing their costumes. It was so nice to see our older girl campers working with our younger ones.

Our Middle Camp Boys took to the lake early in the day and got their splash time in at Waterpark before heading to Euro for their "regular season" play. They finished up the day at cage soccer and cooking where they enjoyed building their chipwiches.

LCB had their sports instruction in the morning and hit the Mane Pool in the afternoon to cool down. LCG had the reverse. Both divisions visited Nature and Outdoor Adventure at different points throughout the day as well.

Upper Camp Boys continued their Ultimate Frisbee League last night, under the lights. Ethan Kessler's team, who went into the evening with a 4-1 record, suffered a crucial loss to Jason Lebov's team. UCB's fearless leader, who is known to be a bit competitive when it comes to Frisbee and plays on Ethan Kessler's team, felt the pangs of defeat. The league will continue and the Kessler team has vowed to regain their standing.

All of the girls on camp attended Birthday Ball last night. What a special evening it was. Girls were on teams by their birthday season--Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer. Each team was led by Upper Teen Girl Captains who were also assiste