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Wednesday, July 20th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

We had another great day yesterday, with clear skies and warm weather throughout! The sun brought out our energy and all throughout camp, campers were busy on our fields, courts, rinks, and activity areas. At Woodshop, our Frosh were putting the finishing touches on their jewelry holders and star wands. Our Cadets, who also went to Woodshop later in the morning, were finalizing their cars, mini game sets, and book holders. If you have a chance to ask, request that your camper make you a recipe book holder for your kitchen counter--super useful and beautiful as well! They are really creating amazing projects and working on all facets of production.

Our adorable Cubs visited cooking and made deliciously delicate and flakey crepes and topped them with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. They learned how to make the batter and use a pan on the stove top and a spatula to gently flip them. What skills! Our Daisies had tons of fun as well zipping around our Go-Kart track. They had a blast! Our Subbie Boys also had their turn at Cooking today and enjoyed their handiwork as well!

Middle Camp Boys continued their Euro competition with Red facing off against white. Harrison Weiss was in the goal for Red and made many great saves. Zachary Yedvarb played aggressively and did great for his team. The competition continued as the day went on. Our 6th grade and under hockey team spent various periods practicing for their upcoming home tournament, The Barsel Cup, coming up tomorrow They are so committed to continuing the Lokanda momentum from last weekend.

Our Crescents had a great time using all of the many inflatables at Waterpark, and the weather was perfect for it! Nearby, at our Boating dock, our Wildcats used our kayaks to traverse the pristine waters of our lake and Plebes had their fun there as well later in the day. Speaking of getting out on the water, Waterski has been awesome with their new banana boats and "couches." Yesterday alone, our Debs, Juniors, Cadets, Inters, Crescents, Wildcats, and Lower Teen Girls took spins around the lake. What a great day!

Our Upper Teen Boys played spirited rounds of pool volleyball in our "Resort Pool" and the cheers and shouts reverberated all the way to the Lion's Den. Speaking of the Lion's Den, our dancers spent different periods of time practicing throughout the day and they really brought their A-game! Chipinaw and Iroquois Springs competed as well. Our Middle Camp Red Team secured a win as did our two upper camp teams who tied. It was a great night of dance and celebration for all!

Speaking of competition, our Jacob's Cup Basketball team is at Timberlake today to compete in the well-known basketball tournament. They received their new team jerseys at a ceremony last night at the end of dinner in the dining hall. Captain Spencer Allen, along with his assistant captains, Zachary Gollub and Jared Josephson, with the integral coaching of close friend and past player, Dylan Bogen, will lead a strong roster of players in what is sure to be an intense day of play. Good luck!

Here's to a Wishful and Winning Wednesday!


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