Tuesday, June 29th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

What a great day we had yesterday, packed with fun activities for everyone!

Lower Camp Girls took their turns--literally--at Lokanda Raceway, our state-of-the-art Go-Kart track, and they got some dance-time in with Serge. The shade of Outdoor Adventure provided the perfect climate and scenery for the girls to practice their impressive climbing skills. All divisions had their sports instruction and got time to cool off at Waterpark and Mane Pool.

As the afternoon heated up, the Inters and Crescents on Middle Camp cooled off at Waterpark, climbing, sliding, jumping, and splashing on the inflatables. In addition to added time in the water, we have been able to host Gaga in the air-conditioned Social Hall, so campers haven't missed a beat honing their Gaga skills!

Our Upper Camp Girls had a fun-filled day as well. They had a great time playing Euro in the Lion's Den, having a lively game of beach volleyball, and enjoying the refreshing lake at Waterpark!

Lower and Upper Teen Boys hung with their fearless leader, David Gargone, and their counselors. They visited the Mane Pool for some pool fun, played Euro, ultimate frisbee, hockey, cooking and more.

Cubs, Wildcats, Plebes, and Cadets were on the fields and courts for sports instruction in the morning and cooled off in the Mane pool in the afternoon. As a treat, and to encourage our overarching theme of kindness, Jaime, our LCB Campus Leader, took the boys to our