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Tuesday, June 28th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

What a great day we had yesterday, packed with fun activities for everyone! The day began with a brief rainshower but before long we had clear skies and sun. Campers were out and about at all of our activity areas, courts, rinks, and fields.

Lower Camp Boys had their sports instruction to kick off the day and cooled off in the Mane pool soon after. Wildcats had spirited games of Gaga, with tons of cheering, while, nearby, Plebes played energized rounds of Cage Soccer. Our Activity Center was bustling with Cubs working hard in Ceramics to create free-hand turtle sculptures from scratch and then painting and glazing them. They will be fired in the kiln so campers can add them to their bunk decor! Nearby in Cooking, Cadets celebrated! Yes, they were thrilled with their scrumptiously sweet birthday cookie cake creations...but they were also happily celebrating Lokanda's 85th birthday! They made sugar cookies, topped them with icing, rolled them rainbow sprinkles, and topped it all of with another sugar cookie to create the tastiest sandwich around!

Middle Camp Boys have been loving our new Pickleball courts. Groups are really getting their sweat on as they tactfully place their shots to really keep their opponents on their toes. Juniors started their day at the Activity Center, in Woodshop. They spent the afternoon working in their "major" sports selection. Subbie Boys headed to Waterski to cap off their day, while Rangers and Juniors took to the slides of the Mane pool for their thrills. Upper Camp Boys had a great day filled with lots of hockey and tennis. Our CIT's began working with their groups of campers and had loads of fun.

On girls side, LCG had rollerblading instruction early in the day and had their sports instruction in the afternoon. The lake was alive with excitement and heartwarming fun. The Inters were busy laughing, singing, and having an overall blast at Waterpark. Regardless of how much this seasoned reporter has seen and experienced here at Camp Lokanda, watching campers enjoy the simple pleasures of friendship and summer fun never gets old.

Subbie Girls visited Dance and practiced their hip-hop moves while Lower Teen Girls got their first runs on the brand new Go-Karts at the Lokanda Raceway. Upper Teen Girls enjoyed the new fitness equipment and went for a run to get their hearts pumping.

After a fun-filled, vibrant day of activity, campers had an even more enticing evening. LCB began World Cup and went to the canteen, MCB had sports night, other groups played classic games like bunk panic, bingo, and the Hershey game, and Sophs had an inaugural movie night in our brand new movie theater! Lower Teens played Coed Wiffle Ball while Upper Teens had a Luau in the resort activity pool. It was the perfect evening for all!

With sun shining and perfect summertime weather, it is already a Totally Terrific Tuesday!


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