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Tuesday, July 26th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

What a groovy day it was around camp yesterday. Campers and staff were decked in colorful tie-dye attire. After a late sleep following an awesome weekend of Olympics, we awoke to a morning drizzle and overcast skies, a much-needed break from this amazing stretch of sunny, hot weather.

Lots of excitement to report! Campers were out and about at all of our activity areas. Our Wildcats visited Cooking where they made a camp favorite, Candy Sushi!They had so much fun mixing the marshmallow fluff with the rice krispies and rolling it and of course stuffing and topping it with sweet and chewy candy. These sweet treats invite the perfect amount of creativity and elicit smiles all around. In Music, Plebes were belting out renditions of their favorite hits while other campers backed up the vocals on the drums and keyboard. Outside Music, campers were painting and staining their Woodshop creations. We all can't wait to see the end results of all the creative pursuits taking place at Lokanda Central.

Our campers visited all of our covered and indoor activity areas, including our Subbie Girls and Lower Teen Girls, who enjoyed our luxurious, air-conditioned movie theater, the perfect respite on a rainy day. MCB continued with their Euro playoffs! Skillful and spirited playing made for competitive rounds which will soon culminate in much-awaited Euro finals!

Our fields dried in record time and full use of fields and courts resumed seamlessly by the afternoon. Cubs, Frosh, Inters, Subbie Boys, and many Upper Campers went to Waterski and had a blast zipping around the lake.

Last night, our groups held individual evening activities and utilized all of our areas, including our music studio for karaoke fun, our fields for under the lights kickball, our Art Center for Paint Night, and even our "Chef's Kitchen" aka Cooking for some cupcake wars fun. What an awesome night.

And, as if things couldn't get any better, this afternoon brings our annual camp Carnival!! Woo-hoo! Rides and slides, the famous "Corn Guy" Pete with his delectable roasted and custom-seasoned buttered corn on the cob, ice cream sandwiches, and more!!! We are all in for many treats! And I will hold back on divulging all the amazing details about the special dinner in store for tonight! Well, here's one clue: it's our annual Food Court! Stay tuned for the full scoop tomorrow!

We're definitely enjoying a Tasteful, Truly Terrific , Towering Tuesday!


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