Tuesday, July 13th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Despite the periods of rain that have elapsed over recent days, camp has been able to maintain its daily, active schedules. Yesterday, our Lower Camp Boys had their sports instruction in the morning and were able to hit the Mane Pool right after. Middle Camp Boys visited fitness during first period, to start their day with a motivating morning workout. They then headed over to Outdoor Adventure to swing their way to fun!

In Cooking this week, campers are making an all-time favorite, Penne a la Vie. This delicious dish has campers dicing and sauteing and then, of course, dining. As a dessert complement, campers made banana splits and were able to really enjoy the "fruits" of their labor.

Dance and drama enthusiasts have been hard at work rehearsing with Serge and Maddie for our many upcoming shows. There are also campers working on set design and scenery. The overall level of talent is simply awe-inspiring!

Over in Outdoor Adventure, Middle Camp Girls took their turns on the Big Swing. They used a team-building approach to give each other the thrilling experience of swinging over our beautiful lake. Many groups have experienced this attraction and others will continue to do so as well.

Our Inters and Crescents spent the morning "training" with Coach John, our super-enthusiastic Athletic Director, as he practiced the ins and outs, or should I say the touchdowns and fumbles of flag football. The girls have been playing a lot of this sport and continually ask for more!

Lower and Upper Teen Boys ended their day on the lake. Some learned to sail, others used our array of canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats to cruise around with friends. They had a blast. Upper and Lower Teens have also been working with Jason, our videographer, in the LOK News studio to learn how to film, anchor, edit, and broadcast newscasts. They have been having a great time seeing themselves on film but also interviewing younger campers. We watch these week-in-review broadcasts as a whole camp on Monday nights and get to see all the great things our fellow campers have been doing.

Last night, we had a classic Square Dance! Campers arrived in Country Western gear, ready for an evening of line and circle dancing. Each campus--lower camp, middle camp, and upper camp--had their separate turns, literally, at this fun, partner-oriented activity. We had a professional caller who entertained us all with classic square-dancing moves (we all remember the "doe-see-doe" and promenade, right?!) set to country and contemporary tunes. And of course no line dancing experience would be complete without a good old fashioned round of "Cotton-Eyed Joe." Many groups visited the canteen directly afterwards for some extra hang out time with friends, others had milk and cookies on their campus. It was a great night for all!

Here's to a Top-of-the-Charts, Traditionally-Taco Tuesday!