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Tuesday, July 12th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Yesterday was another beautiful day here in Glen Spey! We had so much spirit and action going on here at home. First off, College Day was in full swing. All of UCG was divided into four teams and competed in various athletic, dance, and art competitions throughout the day and night. Teams and captains were as follows:

Northwestern: Carly Klonsky & Skylar Weitz

University of North Carolina: Alexa Kessler & Ellie Manheim

Cornell: Sara Sonnenblick & Emily Sorgie

University of Texas: Gabby Diamond and Sasha Lederman

Competitions began with a swim meet. Cornell came in 1st in both the tube race and the kickboard relay. UNC won the wacky clothing relay race. When the competitions switched to the rink, Cornell swept the first four Euro games and were in the overall lead going into the 2nd day of play. Although UNC put up a very strong fight, Cornell triumphed over the final three Euro games as well. There is nothing quite like seeing our older girl campers compete in Euro, a quintessential camp sport they've been training in since they were on LCG. They exhibit skill, camaraderie, and great sportsmanship! The second day of competition also included spirited rounds of Newcomb and all of the teams did great! In the evening, College Day teams performed their cheers and dances and displayed their plaques. Oh, and the mascot for each team appeared and performed in the most hilarious way! In the dance and cheer portions, Texas really excelled. Lily Winter, Emily Moonay, and Wynne Gruder were exceptional dancers on team Texas. The team mascots, Isabel Matthews, Wynne Gruder, Gari Lenkowsky, and Sara Sonnenblick were really committed to pumping up the crowd. They went all out in costume and more, leaving us all with a truly memorable experience. In the end, Team Cornell, aka "Big Red," took the lead, coming in a close second to Texas in the evening portions and sweeping nearly all of the daytime athletic competitions. Another successful College Day in the books!

Over on our fields and courts during the day, we hosted a 7th grade boys basketball tournament as well as an 8th grade girls soccer tournament. In basketball, we won both of our two games against Silver Lake and Kennybrook, respectively. The first game ended in 26-25, with Tyler Paul shooting a foul shot to break the tied score in the last 40 seconds of the game. In the second game against Kennybrook, who had crushed Timberlake West in their game just prior, our boys really showed up! Point guard Gabe Hoffman scored 10 points, including a 3-pointer and some jumpshots! Tyler Paul score 12 points, including a 3-pointer, and demonstrated great ball-handling skills throughout. Big Man Zack Krumholz had fantastic rebounding skills and is such an overall reliable and generous player. What a solid team! Scoring also by Brody Russinoff, Zach Hoffman, and Gavin Zwirn, with great defense by Jack Garavelli. Overall, these boys played impressive basketball and really got our home crowd on its feet! The finals ended with a win of 28-14!

On the soccer field, Brooke Liebman dominated, scoring 6 out of our 7 goals against Timberlake West. Light on her feet, Ashley Tenem played tremendous defense and Lindsay Karten scored to round out our overall win! Well done girls!

The Lokanda Tennis Invitational is taking place today, which brings much spirit and hooplah with it! We cannot wait to see how the rest of the day unfolds!

Here's to a Tennis-oriented, Truly Terrific Tuesday!


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