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Tuesday, August 2nd

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

In our baseball game against Tyler Hill on Sunday, we triumphed and won 12-5! Highlights were Jake Ginder's fantastic pitching performance & Ethan Brooks' three run home run bomber over the left field fence in the first inning! What a way to start the game! According to spirited spectator and baseball enthusiast, Ilan Hoenig, "Isaac [Aldad] hit a sick double!" Great playing overall! Well done!

In more Lokanda Invitation Tennis (LIT) news from our last tournament, Lea Krampf took a win for girls singles, as did Macie Frankel for the younger division. In the younger division doubles, Jake Ginder and Isaac Aldad won as did powerhouse team, Andi Zucker and Lily Haberly!

Yesterday, our Daisies, Frosh, Cubs, and Wildcats left for their trip to Splashdown, an awesome waterpark! When they returned after a fun dinner out, they were greeted by an ice cream party fit for royalty! They had their choice of flavors along with a smorgasbord of toppings! Such fun! Our Subbie Boys and Girls, Crescents, and Juniors also left on their overnight trips and have wonderful itineraries in store, including touring, eating, and simply enjoying rides and fun times.

Back at camp, our Lower Campers had the place to themselves, so to speak. Our Debs scored their points at Pickleball this morning, our Cadets went to our resort pool for some awesome rounds of pool volleyball, our Sophs went on the Big Swing and the Leap of Faith at Outdoor Adventure, our Plebes climbed and splashed at Waterpark, and our Inters used the wheels in Ceramics. What could be better? Oh, I know what...a visit to the Go-Karts...check! Our groups did that too! After a fun-filled day, our Inters and Rangers watched movies in our Red and Grey Mane theaters, respectively. And what would make our Lower Campers' solo experience perfectly complete? A visit to the canteen to cap off the evening!

Our Inters and Rangers are leaving this morning for their trip to Hershey Park. They will be meeting up briefly with our Crescents and Juniors! Cadets and Debs are leaving as well, for their day and late night at Dorney Park! The campers here are in for another day of favorites!

It truly is a Tremendous, Travelin' Tuesday!


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