Tuesday, August 10th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

It was sunshine and simply beautiful weather yesterday. Our Color War competitions continued all throughout the day and early evening.

The morning began with a comfortable lead by the Grey team after a previous day and night of substantial wins, but that quickly changed in the morning. By lunchtime, Red had climbed its way back into the lead and only continued there in the afternoon.

Over in cage soccer, Cadets played a skillful game, with Red claiming the win by the game's end. Noah Halal performed great in goal for the Red team, helping to ward off attempted goals by Grey. Grady Toubin did the goal tending for the Grey team and was able to keep Red's win to a narrow margin. Amazing playing and commendable sportsmanship by Zach Hoffman who was a top scorer for Red and a very kind adversary when Grey missed a goal or suffered a setback. Jack Garavelli also dominated for the Red team and his quick instincts and precise scoring helped to secure Red's ultimate win. Great job boys!

Nearby, in Gaga, our Frosh showed their equally competitive spirit! In a "best out of 5" format, the Red team beat Grey 3-0. It always came down to a 1-2 player face off, but Red continued to remain the "last Frosh standing." Natalie Herman (Red) was a standout player along with Phoebe Fisher (Red) who balanced their competitive spirit and skillful gaga moves with good sportsmanship as well. Brooke Schutzer and Asha Lipper, both on Grey, were formidable opponents, showing great skills and impressive "sportswoman-like conduct" throughout! Great job by all!

At lineup before dinner, Red's lead had grown more substantial