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Thursday, June 30th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Yesterday at Lokanda marked our first Wacka-Wacka Wednesday of the summer...and it did not disappoint! For starters, our Wildcats were wild for Waterski and had a blast zipping around while kneebarding, our precursor to standing up on the skis. They were off to a strong start! Wacky water wanderings continued at Waterpark, where campers raced around our elaborate obstacle course set atop our pristine lake. What a great sight to see the wonderment on the boys' faces as they swung, leaped, and slid.

Nearby, in Nature, our Upper Teen Boys paid a special visit to the pet ferrets and guinea pigs. Seeing our oldest boy campers and our youngest Cubs side-by-side at Nature gave this seasoned reporter a wistful really does come full circle. and even our earliest camp experiences continue to produce wonder and delight in us for years to come. In Ceramics, our Subbie Girls wielded clay and whittled wood while Crescents began to craft their Batik pillowcases. Batik, the art of decorating cloth using wax and dye, is technically both an art and a craft, which is popular and well known among contemporary artists all over the world. This multistep project is already producing impressive results.

The true wackiness at the heart of Wacka-Wacka Wednesday occurs during lunchtime. At the end of lunch, our dining hall was literally transformed into a sing-along dance hall, with campers of all ages doing line dances and conga lines. The spirit and overall joy was wonderfully over-the-top. The fun continued into the afternoon. LCB got a special midday visit to the canteen! MCB continued with their Flag Football Bowl games. The competition was fun but fierce and, as such, drew quite a crowd.

In tournament news, our 6th grade boys headed to Iroquois Springs for a basketball tournament. They played and won two games, with scores of 41-20 and 33-29, respectively. Tyler Paul was the lead scorer, with two 3-pointers and a total of 12 points in each game! Zack Krumholtz and Gabe Hoffman played standout defense to hold off the other team and help cement a win. Great job boys!

Fashion Show preparation was in full effect! Our Lower Teen Girls were busy planning their looks and artistry for this fun-filled, fashion-forward competition. Teams and captains are as follows:

Hannah Montana: Eden Klonsky & Isabel Safier

iCarly:Maddie Wolin & Izzy Karten

Victorious: Sophie Foodim & Gabby Elchoness

Liv & Maddie: Marissa Krumholz & Maddie Gilden

We cannot wait to see what the girls have in store for us. The big reveal will be tonight! Stay tuned! Speaking of exciting evenings...last night we enjoyed our annual Staff Talent Show. The dancing and singing were tremendous and had us all in awe. What a fun night it was!

Today, The Main Event is here taking our annual camp photographs down by the lake. We couldn't have asked for better weather to act as the perfect backdrop to these gorgeous professional pics!

Here's to a Thoroughly-Thrilling Thursday!


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