Thursday, July 8th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Yesterday was a day full of fun and excitement here at camp! The sun was shining, and all of our areas were bustling with activity. Many of our groups hit the lake for Waterski, always a favorite. Our Wildcats and Cubs couldn't stop raving about their fun times on the banana boat. Seeing their wowed expressions and hearing them retell the play by play of their speedy time on the lake couldn't help but make you smile. Our Lower Teen Boys couldn't get enough of their take on French Toast Cups at Cooking . LCG had fun times at rollerblading instruction and gymnastics. Inters went boating and made a volcano explode in Nature. Crescents went to Lokanda Raceway while Subbie Girls went to Fitness and Gymnastics as well. Those were just some of the daytime highlights. It was a day full of summertime happiness!

The weather was perfect last night, and we had a perfect evening to match. First, we had our weekly barbecue, with its customary fun yet chill vibe. Party tunes played as campers picnicked around to enjoy delicious BBQ fare. At the end of dinner, we were in for a surprise. A multicolored truck pulled up on campus and campers went running, of course. It was Kona Ice, a shaved ice truck with made to order flavors. All campers enjoyed this refreshingly delicious treat during free play, before they headed off to evening activity.

Each campus held its own evening activity. MCB had its annual Euro combine in the Lion's Den. Their flag football league has ended and so begins their intra-division Euro competition. Upper Camp Boys headed to the fields for their Ultimate Frisbee League. This evening activity spans multiple evenings throughout the summer and consists of teams of Lower Teens through CITs. It's a friendly competition that cements the bonds between the boys and encourages good sportsmanship.

LCB and LCG combined for our classic, Night at the Races, on the Upper Basketball Courts. This hysterically fun game was capped off with yet another surprise for LCG...Disney Day broke! Today, the girls will compete in their teams in a series of wacky competitions.