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Thursday, July 7th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

With cooler temps and sun shining, yesterday was beautiful weather here in Glen Spey. We began the day eating Jerry's warm and yummy french toast sticks, and there were more yummy treats and surprises in store later in the day. Frosh, Debs,

Inters, Crescents, and Subbie Girls got their refreshment out on the lake, at Waterski. They had a blast going Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, and Kneeboarding!

Our Waterpark had their own visitors as well--Cubs, Wildcats, and Cadets slid and splashed to their hearts' content. In Art, campers worked on the next steps in Batiking pillowcases. Their designs are nearly complete. At Soccer, Inters had their sports instruction period. They worked on skills and drills for the better part of the period but also allowed time for a brief scrimmage at the end.

There was a spirit of "Girl Power" across campus over the past couple of days that continues into today. Our 7th Grade Girls Basketball team had an intercampwith Kennybrook on Tuesday and played grueling games that made us proud. Skillful players commanded the court with exceptional rebounding by Jada Burns and Alexa Shabsels. Hannah Pollack showed aggressive defense and helped to narrow the score. Ultimately the games ended in a momentary loss for the team but an overall win for Lokanda, as it cemented the girls as a formidable force that showed exemplary sportsmanship and team spirit throughout their games.

In big UCG news, Birthday Ball broke early in the day yesterday! The girls were surprised and overjoyed, and they quickly mobilized to plan all of the different components of this event which involves girls of all ages. Teams and captains are as follows:

Winter out West: Sara Sonnenblick & Gabby Diamond

Summer at the Luau: Alex Gingold & Emma Kramer

Fall into Fashion Week: Carly Klonsky & Skyler Weitz

Spring into Stadiums: Alexa Manheim & Emily Sorgie

Upper Camp Girls began working on the competition elements in the afternoon yesterday and are busy all day today working in their birthday teams. Subbies through the Upper Teens got messy and creative as they painted all of the scenery and props. Today they will complete the cake decoration and sing portions of the competition. Their efforts will culminate tonight in the big Birthday Ball event! Talk about girl bonding! We can't wait!

After dinner last night, we had a yummy surprise--Kona Ice came to camp! All campers and staff enjoyed made to order icee treats. Yay! Last night, we continued the sentiment of camaraderie and bonding, as we held a big Lower Camp Boys division campfire.There is nothing like campfire at Camp Lokanda. Counselors and campers all get involved and have a blast. And of course they enjoyed a special treat. Nearby, at our Teepees, our Frosh had a campfire and learned the skills of outdoor cooking and basic camping techniques. They had the option--and many girls chose it--to sleep with their fellow campers counselors in the teepee. The girls had so much fun enjoying their campfire-cooked banana s'mores tortillas, singing songs, telling stories, and having an overall sweet time.

Tonight the good times continue with barbecue, Lokanda-style! Woo-hoo!

UCG began the day with Lokanda Express!What an awesome start! With great weather, special events galore, and a day of birthday ball fun...It certainly is a Thrilling Thursday!


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