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Thursday, July 28th

Here is your lion's share of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

It was a fun-filled, spirited day at camp yesterday. Campers visited all of our activity areas, fields, courts, lake, and pools. Our Cadets had a great time at Cooking , making delectable fried rice! Our Sophs went kayaking along our pristine lake then played fun rounds of Pickleball! Our Rangers had a busy morning at Flag Football and Cage Soccer, while our Juniors played basketball in the Lion's Den and headed to Go-Karts for more thrills!Subbie Girls worked on their projects in Woodshop while the Frosh belted out tunes nearby in Music.

In tournament news, Our girls dance teams traveled to Tyler Hill for a multi-level, multi-camp competition. Our Upper Camp Girls Red team competed against 8 other teams and was able to clinch 3rd place and our Lower Camp teamplaced 4th! Our Middle Camp Girls team did wonderfully as well. It was a great day of camaraderie and sportsmanship among girls across many camps and teams! Well done! Our Gordon's Cup team headed out early in the morning yesterday, along with our Upper Teen Boys and Girls and CITs as their cheering section, for the highly competitive annual hockey tournament at Timber Lake Camp. Their draw led them into pool play with some very tough opposition. We won our first game against Greylock, 1-0, with Benji Rabinovich scoring the goal,taking us one step closer to face off against Wah-Nee in the mid-afternoon, which we also won, this time 3-0. Alex Klonsky scored two goals and Zach Weinberger scored one as well. In the semi-finals, we went up against Tyler Hill Camp and again took the lead, with a score of 3-0. It was now time for the finals, at 8:15 pm. Our boys had set off in the morning, over twelve hours earlier, and it had come down to an intense game against the home team, Timber Lake. In a dramatic and emotion-filled upset, Timber Lake secured the win with a final score of 2-1, with Zach Weinberger scoring our single goal of the game. As a silver-lining, though, there was so much unity and pride here at home as we all watched the livestream together. The cheering could be heard reverberating from our dining hall, where we watched on the big screen. Our talented players made it so far against several other competitive teams and achieved so much. Win or lose, as a camp family, we won in so many ways.

Despite the upset, our Upper Teen Boys and Girls and CITs didn't have much time to wallow in the loss. In the wee hours of this morning, they boarded buses for JFK airport and set off on a week-long trip to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Arizona! They are in for an amazing trip!

After dinner last night, our Crescents took canoes and kayaks on our lake for a sunset waterfall trip. Just the night prior, our Subbie Girls sat by the serene lake to watch the sun go down. Our lake at sunset is truly a breathtaking sight!

Our 11th grade and under girls Basketball team headed out to Tyler Hill this morning for a multi-camp tournament. They were excited and prepared for a dayof competitive play! Throughout the day, we are hosting the annual Lokanda Cup, our 8th grade and under boys hockey tournament, with 6 teams competing, including Timber Lake, Wayne, Equinunk, Chen-a-Wanda, and Tyler Hill. In game one against Chen-a-Wanda, we won with a score of 6-4. Alex Klonsky had five goals, Max Kramer had one, and Zach Yedvarb had three assists! Next up, we play Tyler Hill. Our boys are so pumped and we all cannot wait to cheer them on in the Lion's Den!

Stay tuned for more updates on the homefront! We are in the midst of a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday!


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