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Thursday, July 21st

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Campers awoke yesterday to yet another sunny day. And what a day it was! Despite the high temps, we were able to keep our campers cool and comfortable with all of our water areas! The Mane pool was in full effect, as was the resort pool, the Waterpark, Waterski, and Boating.

Our Jacobs Cup team tried their best but was not able to secure a win at the highly competitive tournament. We were proud of them for their drive, commitment, and spirit and the loss only gave them motivation to "Bring Back the Cup" next year!

Dinnertime brought more excitement as Middle Camp Boys were surprised with the Hibachi Express! Our chefs set up our mobile hibachi station in the pavilion and served out delectable fried rice and chicken and vegetable stir-fry to Rangers, Juniors, and Subbies. More groups will continue to enjoy Hibachi as the summer continues on.

After dinner, we had fun dance parties in the Social Hall for our Lower Camp Boys and Girls as well as our Middle Camp Boys and Girls. We invited professional entertainer, Todd Yahney, to host an awesome night. He wowed the crowd with fun games and prizes. Such a great night! Our Subbie Boys and Girls are already busy planning their own division-specific disco night, Subbie Masquerade, and last night they had a great time at their coed Pickleball tournament.

This morning, we had late sleep and readied ourselves for a big day ahead. Following breakfast and clean-up, our entire girl's side of camp was in for a special experience--The Great Camp Lokanda Challah Bake 2022!This annual event was truly memorable, as all girls from Daisies to Upper Teens and CITs gathered in the dining hall to braid their own challah. The girls were instructed in the technique for braiding the delicious dough and were informed of all the special ingredients. With Israeli music in the background, girls worked side-by-side and the sense of bonding and camaraderie in the room was remarkable and inspiring. As a final fun addition to our traditional challah recipe, campers added sprinkles as a sweet, colorful topping. After the girls were done and the challah was ready for baking, the girls broke out into a fun-loving "flour fight." They had a blast!

Today, we are hosting our 6th Grade and Under Barsel Cup tournament today in our Lion's Den. Our first game was played this morning against Camp Echo, and we won with a score of 3-2! Phoenix Reda (assisted by Jordan Rabinovich), Noah Khamish, and Ethan Brooks all scored to help us bring home a win at the start of this exciting day of play.The semi-finals are just about to begin, with Lokanda versing Camp Wayne. Stay tuned!

With another day of abundant sunshine, we are in the midst of a Thrilling Thursday!


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