Thursday, July 1st

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Yesterday began with sunshine and clear skies and was to be the last of our "heat-wave" days.

LCG had a great day, doing all of their favorites. They went to music, cooking, and go-karts and had their sports in in the afternoon. On MCG, the Inters and Crescents played in their "major" sports selection in the morning and then went to the Lokanda Raceway and our Lokanda Central Activity Center a little later on, visiting both Art and Cooking. They also spent time at our pool and lake to cool off.

LCB had loads of fun as well, climbing and swinging in Outdoor Adventure and jumping and splashing at Waterpark. They had their sports instruction in the morning and played spirited games of basketball and soccer. In MCB news, Rangers and Juniors played flag football and caged soccer and also visited Lokanda Raceway--and that was just their morning. The afternoon was filled with even more fun. Subbie Boys went to Outdoor Adventure to start their day and finished their day with a splash in the Mane Pool.

The Subbie Girls went to yoga with Marisa while Crescents made jewelry creations in our Art Center. Lower Teen Girls played flag football and had a blast! UCB visited our pool and lake and also had their fun at fitness and Outdoor Adventure. It was a busy day for all!

Last night, we had our first barbecue of the summer! Upbeat, club-style music played throughout, and our Upper Camp Girls danced and led us all in a spirited kickstart to our summer barbecue series. Campers dined on an array of bbq favorites. The heat-wave finally broke with a shower that arrived in the early evening. Campers broke out their rainboots and had fun jumping through the puddles as they made their way to and from the dining hall pavilion. The rain cleared and brought a beautiful rainbow with it making it a perfect summer evening.

After dinner, Upper Camp Girls headed to the Lion's Den for their Euro combine. Lower and Upper Teens will be competing in a summer-long Euro Bowl tournament. Last night served as the start of this exciting round-robin style, single elimination challenge. Rangers and Inters had their first extended canteen visit of the summer, where they sampled Sergio's delicious pizza and cheese fries. What a treat!

Campers were greeted this morning with overcast skies--a welcome relief from the preceding days of hot sun. Upper Camp Boys were treated to freshly-made omelettes at their house this morning. What a treat!

We are off to a Thoroughly Entertaining Thursday!

Camp Lokanda would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to Connor Landsman!