Thursday, July 15th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying…

Campers awoke yesterday to clear skies which gave way to much-appreciated bright sun by lunchtime. After days of periodic rain, campers were out and about taking in the sunshine. The fields were alive with Lower Camp Boys having a blast during their morning sports instruction period. Their afternoon featured a mix of Boating, Waterpark, Outdoor Adventure, Nature, and even flag football. They were busy all day and had a great time!

Lower Camp Girls enjoyed Boating in the morning while the Debs got their thrills in at Waterski before hitting the hockey rink for their skating instruction. LCG went to the courts and fields in the afternoon before visiting Games, Gadgets, and Rocketry for some science fun. Middle Camp Girls worked in their Major sports selection before heading indoors to Art and Cooking. The girls are working on the next phase of their 3-D art project where they are practicing weaving in different materials to really make their canvases “pop”--literally.

Our Subbie Boys continued with their 3 v. 3 Volleyball tournament. The boys have gotten very good at setting and spiking and will soon be worthy competitors for the teen house. Rangers played Ultimate Frisbee while Juniors had the “ultimate” driving experience at Go-Karts. Lower and Upper Teen Boys played basketball and hockey in the Lion’s Den and then headed to Outdoor Adventure for some high in the air fun. They ended their day at the Mane Pool for a refreshing swim. It was a day full of activity and excitement!

Last night, campers enjoyed the wacky and hilarious Simon Hyman, who performed 3 different shows for our different age brackets. Every camper got a chance to come to the stage to take on the master of Simon Sez himself. Brody Russinoff, Lindsay Karten, Max Fleigel, Josh Lesnick, and Taylor DeBrauwere were some of the notable winners. Campers of all ages were mesmerized by this comedic treat! What a show!

And if that wasn’t enough, Mess Fest and Messtival broke at the end of the Lower Camp show. Campus leaders and counselors ran to the stage covered in shaving cream announcing that today would be the messiest day in all of camp! LCB and LCG can’t wait!

Campers awoke today to sunny skies with a nice breeze in the air. There will be a lot of flag football in the works for Middle Camp Girls as they are having their first annual Powder Puff Flag Football Tournament and Upper Camp Boys and Girls are having their own series of challenges as part of our first annual, Lion’s Cup Tournament.

It definitely feels like a Thrill-Inducing Thursday!

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Leora Messinger!