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Thursday, July 14th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Campers awoke to sunny skies and a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs and warm, flaky biscuits. Yum! What a spirited day we had here at Camp Lokanda yesterday! The cheering and chanting of our famous "L-O-L-O-K-L-O-K-A-N-D-A...LET'S GO...LOKANDA!" could be heard throughout our campus. The morning started off on an exciting note, as Ronen and Jaime rode on a golf cart in Native American head-dresses, announcing the start of our annual 4th Grade and Under Boys and Girls Gaga Invitational Tournament. Both of our groups won the tournament against Iroquois Springs, Silver Lake, and Tyler Hill, keeping the coveted Loki the Raccoon trophy on the homefront, with our winning name for 2022 etched into its wood. Players Emma Lieberman, Remi Meran, Cameron Simon, and Logan Abramson displayed exemplary Gaga skills and helped us achieve our wins!

It was a fun day of activity for all of our groups! Our Lower Teens, Upper Teens, and CIT's headed to Mountain Creek water park in the morning for a fun-filled day of water rides on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the summer so far. What a perfect day for their trip! Our groups at home were able to keep cool, with Sophs and Debs heading to waterpark and boating in the morning and Daisies and Frosh heading to our resort and Mane pools after their Gaga tournament. LCG campers who wil be performing in the Talent Show tonight also grabbed some time with our dance instructors to perfect their routines. Debs held their poses in Yoga while Inters held onto their helmets as they took on the turns at Go-Karts! Crescents went to the Art Center and later cooled off at Waterski doing a crowd favorite, Wakeboarding! Subbie Girls worked up a sweat at Fitness and perfected their skills at Pickleball! What a day!

On the boys side of things, Cubs and Wildcats had their Gaga tournament in the morning, with all of LCB taking to our pools, boating dock, Waterpark, and Waterski to end their day with a splash! Rangers and Juniors started their day with action, playing Flag Football, Cage Soccer, or Basketball. They cooled off in the resort activity pool with fun rounds of pool volleyball! Juniors also had a blast at Gymnastics, playing the game Octopus, one of their favorites. They played in their major sport selection in the afternoon and ended their day in Art Center and Woodshop, a truly cool space, both literally and figuratively! Subbie Boys started their day at Fitness and enjoyed time at the pools, Rocketry, and Pickleball. When the Lower and Upper Teen Boys and CIT's returned from Mountain Creek, they spent the early evening on their own territory, playing basketball on their teen house private courts.

Last night, our Inters and Crescents were surprised with a Mystery Bus Ride to the Movies! They had so much fun getting that movie theater experience when they least expected it! Lower Camp Girls had so much fun at their very own evening pool party in the Mane Pool. Sprinklers, slides, and sound were in full effect! Juniors went to our Mane Attraction theater to watch a movie and then ended the night in the canteen. Rangers played Cage Soccer and also went to canteen while Subbie Boys had a Pickleball round robin mini-tournament. Our Cubs went to the teepee while others on LCB played Bunk Panic and floor hockey! What a great night!

Tonight, we are holding our annual Camper Talent Show! Rehearsals have been taking place all week, and we all cannot wait!

With sunny skies, smiling faces abound, and a barbecue on the horizon, were are in the midst of a Thumbs-up Thursday!


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