Thursday, August 12th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Yesterday we awoke to another hot and sunny day. We had a full day of activity, with campers soaking up their last Lokanda moments of summer 2021. Campers visited our pools and sports fields and had a blast making some of their final summer memories. Lower Camp Boys had fun times at the Mane Pool and also headed to the canteen for some daytime snack time. They had a blast using all of their well-deserved Lokanda Kindness coins on the Claw Machine and helping each other win prizes. They played rounds of air hockey and foosball and enjoyed an extended visit in the canteen all to themselves. Lower Camp Girls enjoyed something similar, with splash-around time in the pool and special time in the canteen.

Middle Camp Boys hit the hockey rinks and fields and then went over to the Mane Pool to cool down. Middle Camp Girls spent time on their "bus letters" to all of their bunkmates and also went to the pool to cool down. Upper Campers enjoyed taking turns on our jumbo slip-n-slide inflatable ramp. They slid downhill on this awesome water activity. Upper campers also visited fitness and our activity pool to play pool volleyball and basketball. Today our Middle and Lower campers are also taking turns on the slip-n-slide!

Last night, each campus held its campus closure activity. Lower Camp Girls had their closing campfire where each girl went around and shared their favorite memory of the summer. They also held their "Little Miss" Awards, and every camper was awarded a "paper plate plaque" with a title best suited to their camp style. Girls sat around the campfire, made s'mores, laughed, and teared up as they reminisced about the summer. Middle Camp Girls had their "Most Likely To..." campfire ceremony where, in similar fashion, girls were presented with their personalized "awards." Upper Camp Girls also held their campfire activity and shared positive experiences from their summer, with Upper Teen Girls speaking about special moments they will miss from their final summer as campers. It was an emotional night for all the girls.

Lower Camp Boys had a campfire last night and shared their favorite memories o