Sunday Spotlight: Color War Breakout & More!

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers our enjoying...

Friday evening we got to experience our much-anticipated, amazing color war break out! At the end of Shabbat services, a figure in a red morph suit arrived by the lake and beckoned us all to follow to the Lion's Den. There, two well-known Bucket Drummers, Peter Rabbit, from Broadway's "Bring in 'da Noise Bring in 'da Funk," and Choclatt Jared Crawford, world-renowned bucket drummers of the New York City streets and subway stations, were playing as campers gathered around and took in the musical spectacle. The band got up and slowly left the Lion's Den, indicating we were all to follow. They led us through camp and eventually up to our final destination of the evening--the upper Football Field. We took our seats and waited in anticipation for what would come next. We were in for an unforgettable experience.

A mist sprayed out above us, creating a mysterious vibe to the moment. A giant screen was up, yet there were no other clues as to what it all meant. Suddenly music and video came across the screen and laser beams of images and light played into the mist now hovering above us and we were literally seated under an umbrella hologram of sky, clouds, rainbows, and strips of morphing colors. This