Monday, June 28th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Yesterday, we had our first official full day at Camp Lokanda! Campers awoke to sunny Glen Spey skies, and after a delicious breakfast were off to enjoy a day of activity.

Here are some highlights of what shaped up to be an amazing day of fun, fun, fun...

Each group had their first dip in the Mane pool, with our slides, sprinklers, and underwater speakers in full effect! Campers received their water safety tests and their buddy tags and then enjoyed swimming, splashing, and of course sliding into the refreshing water. Nearby, our beach volleyball court had Subbie and Lower Teen Girls serving, spiking, dashing, and diving.

Groups of campers of all ages worked with Benji and the pros throughout the day in both singles and doubles tennis. Lower Camp Boys played spirited rounds of caged soccer and flag football and went rock climbing in Outdoor Adventure. LCB groups also visited cooking and practiced their driving skills as they took spins around our amazing Go-Kart track!

Lower Camp Girls had a blast tumbling in gymnastics and their fun only continued at Waterpark, where they slid and splashed on the inflatable course on our pristine lake (and it really is pristine!). They played kickball, visited Go-Karts, played basketball and soccer, and much, much more! What a busy day.