Monday, July 26th - Olympics Recap!

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

I will now attempt to do a fitting recap of what was an INSANELY AMAZING Olympic weekend....

But first, I cannot help but for a brief moment go all the way back to Friday evening because it was such a special night--Girls Sing! From Lower to Upper Camp, girls of all ages came to the stage to present their original song creations to commemorate the summer of 2021. Each group shared a funny, upbeat song and then a sentimental alma mater. Girls also designed their own original theme and "costumes" using digital prints and our heat press station in the Art Center to really add a special touch to their performances. The final group to present was of course our Upper Teen Girls, whose presentation included a movie montage that spanned their years here at Lokanda from Frosh to Uppers. A few of the girls narrated the slideshow with sentimental reflections of their special times here at camp. It was a moving night for all!

After a perfect evening, the next morning had even more excitement! Olympics 2021 broke! Captains and teams were announced, and campers headed back to their bunks to change into all of their spirit wear! Captains and Young Centurions for Olympics 2021 were as follows:


Israel (Blue): Jake Isler, Jackson Bogen, Erika Siegel, & Waverly Fogel