Monday, July 19th

Here is your lion's share of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Friday night was a special service, as always, but this time it was led by our Upper Teen Boys. They did a great job and set a terrific example for our younger campers. The end of the service brought the distribution of our Lokanda Way t-shirts. This week, campus leaders awarded campers that displayed kindness. The recipients of these awards were as follows:

Lower Camp Boys: Lev Erstein

Lower Camp Girls: Charlotte Weiner

Middle Camp Boys: Connor Rueff

Middle Camp Girls: Kyla Gruber

Upper Camp Boys: Sam Burns

Upper Camp Girls: Taylor DeBrauwere

Congrats to the campers!

One "treat" of the weekend (pun intended) was the distribution of our Visiting Day boxes on Saturday. The campers have been enjoying all of the thoughtful sweets and gifts that were sent up.

However, the excitement over that was matched even further last night, as our whole camp got to experience the fun and sentimentality of our annual Boys Sing. Groups could be seen practicing all weekend, and their efforts did not go to waste! As usual, the entrance songs included jokes and playful jabs which got us all laughing, and those were followed by alma maters which had us close to tears with their sentimental lyrics.

The highlight of the night was, of course, the presentation and songs by the Upper Teen Boys. First, we got to experience the comic mastery of UTB as we watched their hilarious video written, acted, and directed by the Upper Teen Boys themselves. Next up, was a spirited dance by UTB that brought the boys up to the stage for their entrance and alma mater. And finally, our Uppers who had been here since Wildcat year--Matt Rosenthal, Jesse Nelson, Zac Silfin, and Noah Rosenthal--gave moving speeches about what Lokanda has meant and still means to them.

Although Sing is technically a competition, every group really does come out a winner. Winners last night were announced as follows:

LCB: Wildcats/Cubs

MCB: Rangers

UCB: Upper Teen Boys

Tonight we have a lot more fun and excitement in store! We are off to a Magnificent Monday!

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to....