Monday, July 12th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Campers awoke yesterday to overcast skies that gave way to sunshine in the afternoon. After a hearty breakfast, campers were ready for another full day and night of fun activities!

Our Lower Camp Girls had early fun at Lokanda Raceway and have gotten more skilled at taking on the turns and twists along our track. Our Subbie Boys were nearby splashing around in our Mane Pool while other LCG campers played a game of kickball by our softball field. Many of our campers have begun practicing for our upcoming camper talent show and for the dance show with Serge. The girls are really giving it their all, experimenting with advanced choreography and more complex routines. We can't wait to see them show off their moves.

Our Lower Camp Boys had their sports instruction in the morning and did their league play in the afternoon. Middle Camp Boys had a blast playing "Kingdom," a cross between capture the flag and dodgeball, in the Lion's Den, while our Subbie Boys had a 3 v. 3 Beach Volleyball tourney. Though busy on the fields and courts in the morning, LCB brought the fun indoors as Wildcats went to Cooking in the afternoon, Plebes painted 3-D creations on canvases in the art center, and Cadets hit the Go-Kart track before all of LCB hit the Mane Pool to cool off as their final stop of the day.

Middle Camp Girls went to the Mane Pool and Waterpark during the middle of the day and also visited Nature and Outdoor Adventure. Crescents had their fun climbing and sliding on all of our inflatables at Waterpark. Subbie Girls had some quiet time at Yoga, stretching and posing their way to perfect posture and alignment. Way to go, girls!

Our Lower Teen Boys headed to the Mane Pool and the fitness center, an upper camp privilege that they really have come to enjoy. They ended the day with a visit to the Go-Karts. Our Lower Teen Girls played Tennis with our pro, Benjy, and went on the lake to use our Stand Up Paddleboards and Kayaks.

When the night came around, LCB had Game Show Night on the big screen in the dining hall. They had a blast as they competed in Jeopardy. Lower and Middle Camp Girls had a Big Sis/Little Sis activity that culminated in a visit to the canteen for all. Upper Camp Boys continued with their Ultimate Frisbee league while Upper Teen Girls got cozy for Movie Night! Lower Teen Girls were treated to their turn at Paint Night while Subbie Girls held "American Idol" in the Music Studio. It was a great night of activities for all!

This morning, the rain has drawn to a close and sunshine is on its way. We have great things in store all day and all night!

It really is a Momentarily Muddy yet Magnificent Monday!

Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Isla Gargone!