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Monday, July 11th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

What a weekend we had here at camp! There is so much to relay, I don't know where to begin! For starters, on Friday evening, we all gathered by the lake for a special Shabbat service led by our Upper Teen Girls. We also held our annual Longevity ceremony where campers completing their 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 10th years as campers received recognition. Finally, the service culminated in our Lokanda Way awards, where campuses recognized campers who displayed Optimism this second week of camp. Campers who received the awards were as follows:

LCB: Jordan Rabinovich MCB: Drew Stenzler UCB: Gavin Burns

LCG: Charley Fastenberg MCG: Remi Guttenberg UCG: Gari Lenkowsky

On Saturday, after breakfast, Lower Camp Boys were in for a huge surprise--Pirate Day 2022 broke! Jaime and her trusted mates--I mean Campus Assistants--boarded the pirate ship golf cart, and in full pirate attire announced the start of what would be a day of fun and spirited competition for all of LCB.

The boys began the day on the fields, playing Capture the Parrot. By the lake, groups did a bucket brigade and in the pavilion, teams built pirate ships using rice krispies and marshmallow fluff. Cheers and shouts echoed across camp as these competitions took place. In the afternoon, teams began the all-over-camp coin hunt, racing to find the most coins. Some were lucky to stumble upon jackpots! Next up, came the pinnacle of the day's events as Ronen walked the plank and was saved at last by the camper pirates! Teams and captains were as follows:

Green Swashbucklers - Logan Abramson, Lincoln Bragg, Phoenix Reda, Seth Borenstein

Blue Jollyrogers - Cooper Caplan, Sam Rubinger, Jake Friedman, Jacob Mann

White Scallywags - Max Hoffman, Brandon Karten, Simon Klonsky, Max Ende

Red Buccaneers - Brayden Schapiro, Jake Kimmel, Zac Steinberg, Ethan Brooks,

Gray Long John Silvers - Jack Gimbel, Andrew Neurman, Ryan Birnbaum, Ryan Youngelson

Black Blackbeards - Asher Epstein, Matthew Schnaier, Jake Ginder, Lev Erstein

At the end of the day, the Black Blackbeards took first place overall. Everyone had an amazing time!

On upper camp, College day also broke, yesterday, and teams immediately began their water relays and spirited Euro tournament! The girls could be heard cheering and shouting for each other. Teams, captains, updates, winners, and more will be announced in tomorrow's Daily Edition!

Last night, our Cadets visited the teepee and had so much fun making sweet treats, telling campfire tales and jokes, and just hanging with friends. Other groups on LCB and LCG had a wacky scavenger hunt. UCG continued work on their dances and cheers for College Day which is in full swing today and tomorrow. MCB had their Euro draft and UCB continued with their Ultimate Frisbee competition. It was a great day and night for all.

With sun shining yet again, it already is a Montage-worthy, picturesque Monday!


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