Monday, August 2nd!

Here's your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

It was quite a busy weekend here at camp. On Friday, LCG had their wet and wild Aquapalooza day! Girls competed in wacky water relays, water balloon Newcomb, and other wet and wild events.

Blue Bora Bora: Grayson Cremer, Briella Gruber, Isla Gargone, Samantha Baron

White Maldives: Emerson Liebowitz, Madison Krugman, Sydney Kirschner, Skylar Krasik

Purple Bahamas: Alexa Newman, Mattie Dublin, Sophie Mann, Laila Gruber

Pink Hawaii: Jaryn Burns, Addison Frankel, Lexa Abramson, Sydney Lazar

Red Fiji: Remi Meran, Lyla Seff, Alexa Shabsels, Hannah Pollack

Green Bali: Arielle Schwartz, Allie Kohlberg, Eden Niditch, Lilianna Gannon

After a day of splashy fun, on land and in water, the Purple Bahamas won! All of the girls had a blast!

On Saturday, it was Superhero Day for LCB! Jaime and Mark, while dressed in Superhero Costumes, belayed down from the trees in Outdoor Adventure and announced to a stunned LCB that Su