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Monday, August 1st

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Friday was our annual Lokanda Invitational Tennis Tournament for our 5th and under and 7th and under boys and girls. Under the skill and dedication of our resident pro, Benjy and his team of coaches, our campers excelled on the courts. Notable playing by Kyle Scott, who won for 7th and Under Singles and Doubles team Jacob Matthews and Jordan Mashaal who took the win as well! Great job Lokanda! Friday night brought us another beautiful Shabbat service, led by our Lower Teen Girls. At the conclusion of the songs portion, campus leaders presented Lokanda Way Awards to campers who stood out for simply being nice.

Campers who won this award were as follows: LCG: Isabella Strogach MCG: Lilliana Gannon UCG: Emily Weiner LCB: Logan Abramson MCB: Jordan Mashaal UCB: Noah Kay

Saturday again brought glorious weather and a slue of fun activities. Our Lower Teens set off for their Big Trip to Vermont and Boston. They have an amazing itinerary planned!

Back here at home, we had some special plans as well. Lower Camp Boys were greeted with a tremendous surprise at the end of breakfast: Wide World of Sports broke out! Campers excitedly raced back to their campus to change into team colors and to get ready for a special day of sporty fun. Teams and captains were as follows:

Blue : Chandler Plask , Tyler Black, Max Zeitlin, Micah Zatcoff Orange: Cooper Caplan, Luke Brooks, Blake Freidlander, Ezra Zatcoff Pink: Max Hoffman, Max Fisher, Nate Lipschitz, Jake Sutton White : Ori Mann, Noah Cohen, Jake Ginder, Drew Szabo Purple: Jake Milazzo, Jordan Crystal, Max Lieberman, Jacob Stevens Green: David Lesh, Simon Gaspar, Jordan Rabinovich, Lev Erstein

One of the highest points of energy and spirit took place during a new campus favorite, Line Basketball, a cross between steal the pin and good old fashioned basketball. Listening to the boys cheer each other on and console each other after missed shots was inspiring. Eric Wurtzel was a clutch player for his Red team, as when they were trailing White, his nearly effortless layup proved to be the moment that turned it around for them! Exceptional ball-handling by Miles Weisenberg also elevated the level of play of his teammates and opponents.

On Saturday night, Subbie Boys versed Juniors in soccer in what Josh Bender described as one of the most competitive games he's ever seen. The regulation play ended in a score of 2-2. Next, came an overtime penalty shootout. In goal for the duration of the game was our clutch goalies Max Burns for the Rangers and Eli Zucker for the Subbies. In the end, Subbies took the win.

On the other side of camp, our Debs headed to the Lion's Den for a Euro Tournament. The girls have perfected their Euro skills and had a blast giving it their all. Subbie Girls had Cupcake Wars. Teams of pastry chefs worked together to design cupcakes under the theme "NYC." Those who stuck closely to the theme and chose inventive designs proved triumphant! Our Daisies, Frosh, and Sophs had a fun pizza and cheese fry party at the canteen. They had access to all of the features of our awesome canteen, even the late-night bites that are typically reserved for our older campers.

Lower Camp Boys began their World Cup Soccer playoffs, under the lights. On Saturday night, Purple Jamaica versed White Netherlands and ended with a score of 3-1, respectively. Noah Stevens scored 3 goals for Jamaica and Simon Klonsky scored a goal for Netherlands. In the other match up, Orange Ecuador versed Blue Sweden, who ultimately WON in a penalty kick shootout!

On Sunday, there was a lot of excitement on the tournament front. We hosted camps for a boys 6th and under baseball tournament as well as a 5th an d under girls basketball tournament. The level of play and spirit was so exciting! Middle Camp Boys had a special event day, Operation Summer Storm, which involved teams of boys doing pool relays, obstacle courses in Outdoor Adventure, and boat races on the lake. What an awesome day of competitive fun!

Last night, our Subbie Girls were in for another great evening. They went on a sunset boat trip around our lake. They watched the sun slowly set as they traversed our pristine lake, reminiscing about the weeks that have passed and the amazing next few days ahead. Our Crescents had their go at Cupcake Wars. The team who did a "Teen Beach Movie" cake won the competition!

Lower Camp Boys played their World Cup Semi-Finals last night. Purple Jamaica versed Green Cameroon, with Noah Stevens and Lev Erstein each scoring a goal for their teams.Purple Jamaica won in a penalty kick shootout! Nearby, Red Switzerland faced off against Blue Sweden. Red won with a final score of 2-0, with Ryan Birnbaum and Aidan Friedland each scoring a goal for their team!

This morning, many of our groups have left for their trips. The groups on Lower and Middle Camp who are here at home will have dibs on all their favorite activities!

Here's to a Movin' and Groovin' Monday!


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