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Friday, July 8th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

There was so much action and edge-of-your-seat suspense here at camp yesterday, it's hard for this verklempt reporter to decide where to begin. I know I wrote about the girl power on camp yesterday, but I simply can't help but start off with a play-by-play, pun indeed intended, of MCG's second annual Powder Puff Flag Football competition.

Inters and Crescents were divided into four powerhouse teams who worked together and displayed impressive sportsmanship throughout the day's games. The first match-up featured Pink (coached by CIT Jordan deBrauwere) facing off against Blue (coached by Upper Teen Noah Finkelstein). Quarterback Chloe Mechanic on Pink threw perfect spirals to skilled receiver Ever Azizi. Mechanic also managed two interceptions and a touchdown! On Blue, an intentional rotation of quaterbacks kept Pink on their toes and Ashley Tenem was a great running back, taking the ball down the field with speed. Defensive linewoman Ella Safier held off Mechanic's throws and even blitzed the quaterback to ensure a quick turnover. Ultimately Pink emerged as victor in round 1. In the Yellow-Green matchup, Coaches Waverly Fogel and Jolie Goldstein (CIT's) prepped Yellow with detailed plays prior to their face off. Quarterback Mikayla Khamish has a truly impressive arm and threw spiral after spiral right into the arms of awesome receivers like Dylan Edelstein, Brooke Levy, Jordan Krilov, and Jordyn Friedlander. QB Cayla Backman for Green, coached by CIT Lindsey Osinoff, put up a great offense and worked well with talented and fast receiver, Hailey Weitz, but ultimately Yellow took the game with a score of 14-7. In the finals, Yellow versed Pink and displayed such skills. Alexa Lewis, Remi Guttenberg, and Dylan Edelstein all received strategically-placed passes from QB Khamish, and scored the team's three touchdowns. Jordan Friedlander held off the speedy Azizi with tough flag pulls to ultimately help cement the Yellow team's 21-0 final score. All of the girls celebrated with donuts delivered to the field for a fun and sweet end to a great day of play.

Nearby, LCB was immersed in their spirited summer-long intradivision league, World Cup Soccer. The boys had a blast in the starting rounds! They ended their day splashing around and cooling off in the Mane Pool. The sounds of Lady Gaga emanted from the Gaga pits, along with the cheers and laughter of Lower Camp Girls who had their annual Lady Gaga gaga tournament. Dressed in full tutu attire, LCG rotated through our dual gaga pits in a fun round robin tourney. At Sand Volleyball, Upper Camp Boys engaged in competitive play and spiked and set with strategy and skill. What an awesome showing of athletic prowess and sportsmanship!

After a final day of full birthday ball prep, last night was a real treat. All of our girl divisions were organized by birthday season and dressed in theme-orchestrated costumes. Each group created an original banner, plaque, entrance song, march song, and cake decoration. The artistic talent across the teams was quite impressive, and it was definitely a tough competiton. It was so nice to see all of our girls, of all ages, working together. Ultimately, the night ended with Winter Our West as the winner!

On the main Soccer field, MCB had their Flag Football Superbowl. QB Sage Kornreich for Green Jets faced off against Red Chiefs QB, Chase Kohlberg, for a much-anticipated match-up. The offensive and defensive level of play on both sides was tremendous. The Green Jets took the win with 42-14. After the game, MCB was in store for another surprise...their Euro tournament broke out! Today they are holding their Euro combine and scouting players prior to the draft that is happening this week.

It certainly is a Fantastic Friday...Shabbat Shalom!


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