Friday, July 2nd

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Campers awoke yesterday and welcomed their first mild day. After the heat wave, cloudy skies brought many smiles...and fun!

During breakfast, Lower Camp Boys had a major surprise...Our first annual "Grand Slam Day" broke! Jaime and Mark made a huge announcement and the boys erupted with excitement! They were so excited to see their teams, and they couldn't wait to change into their team colors and get ready for their day of friendly competition. Teams included the Red Rabbits, Grey Giraffes, Blue Bears, Black Bulldogs, Green Gorillas, and White Whales.

Events began at art and music, where boys worked together to create banners, chants, and cheers to represent their teams. Next up were a series of baseball games on our upper fields, baseball-themed pool activities and relays, and finally a special awards ceremony to announce and celebrate the winner. The team that took first and walked away with medals were the White Whales. Winning team players included Jordan Crystal, Brody Pollack, Josh Fliegel, Jake Ginder, Max Zeitlin, Ezra Zatcoff, Jacob Mann, Samuel Jacobs, Scott Bender, Ryan Schoenfeld, Brody Russinoff, Matthew Frankel, and Zack Krumholz. Great performances by all teams and players!

Upper Camp Girls held their Euro Bowl throughout the morning and early afternoon. Subbie Girls through Upper Teens were divided into 5 teams that corresponded to different colors and countries. The girls dressed accordingly and brought their "A" game! Euro really brings out the girls' competitive spirit. Different groups of LCG and MCG campers took time from their activities to spectate and learn the ins and outs of Euro. Younger campers were inspired by the skillful playing of the older girls and cannot wait to learn this fun sport. What a great day of friendly competition!