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Friday, July 29th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Yesterday was another action-packed day and night here at camp. Our oldest campers and CITs arrived safely in Los Angeles and are in the midst of a thrilling west coast adventure. Back here in Glen Spey, under sunny skies, we had our own adventures. First off, somewhat in reverse order, last night, the Euro Championship took place in the Lion's Den, featuring the Black Lenker Rods vs. the Purple Hay Hooks, the #3 seed and the #5 seed, respectively. Black Lenkar Rods defeated the Purple Hayhooks by a score of 6-2. The MVP of the finals was Eli Zucker with 4 goals, Ben Hosking had a goal, and so did Ethan Newman. The postseason awards were announced as well, with Rookie of the Year going to none other than Tyler Paul, the Golden Hand was bestowed upon Sage Kornreich, the MVP went to Gavin Zucker, Most Improved Player was Max Fliegel, the "6th man" was awarded to Jake Brooks, Defensive player of the year went to Ben Hosking , Goalie of the Year went fittingly to Max Burns, and the Tom Lilly Sportsmanship Award was given to Zach Kutin. The All-Star Team, comprised of Ethan Sackstein, Skylar Shatzer, Eli Zucker, Max Fleigel, Jordan Mashaal, Chase Kohlberg, Gavin Zucker, Noah Caplan, Tyler Paul, Sage Kornreich, Zach Kutin, and Ben Hosking ,will be playing against the Lower Teens late next week. It should be an exciting match-up!

Yesterday, World Fair broke for Middle Camp Girls. Girls were divided into teams representating different states and did athletic, art, dance, and singing competitions throughout the day and into the evening. The girls worked together and pooled their creativity to really make this event over the top! Teams and "governors" were as follows:

ALASKA: Lindsay Karten, Eva Lederman, Lenyx Basen, Julia Leventhal

CONNECTICUT: Melanie Portnoy, Talya Nelson, Brooke Levy, Ella Safier

OREGON: Cayla Backman, Tori Kosson, Alexa Lewis, Mia Messinger

PENNSYLVANIA: Alexa Zahalsky, Chloe Steinberger, Samantha Diamond, Kenley Reda

The girls did an Apache relay around camp and relays in the pool. They also made plaques, a dance and a sing song. They had a blast and Connecticut took the win! As if things couldn't get even more magical here at camp, yesterday was "Disney Day' on LCG! Girls were divided into disney villain-themed teams and competed in a series of activites. The pinnacle of the day came when teams of girls did a canoe relay and then searched for buried treasure--I mean gemstone rings. Teams and captains were:

Green Maleficent: Joey Crystal, Alexa Newman, Briella Gruber, Eden Niditch

White Cruella: Teddy Laschewer, Lindsey Bucholtz, Brooke Greenbaum, Jayde Crystal

Black Scar: Jolie Fox, Lily Zwirn, Eliana Loew, Isla Gargone

Purple Ursula: Harper Altman, Sydney Callison, Hayley Wasserman, Alexa Shabsels

Red Captain Hook: Zoey Seff, Emma Lieberman, Rylee Solash, Andie Zucker

Blue Evil Queen: Averly Steinberg, Hannah Lilling, Sophie Weiss, Charlotte Weiner

Our 11th and under girls Basketball team traveled to Tyler Hill for a fun day of competitive play. They came close in the games they played but did not pull off a win. Great offensive play by Emily Savedoff and Ellie Shenkman. In more tournament news, our Lokanda Cup took place yesterday, and we hosted Equinunk, Wayne, Timberlake, and Tyler Hill. We won our first two games against , respectively. When it came to the semi-finals, the competition heated up. We faced Equinunk. Despite impressive goal tending by Max Lieberman who blocked and deflected numerous shots on goal, we were unable to come back at the very end of the third period. The game ended in a final score of 5-4.

Today, we are hosting our 5th through 7th grade Lokanda Invitational Tennis Tournament. Our campers are so excited for this annual competition! Campers will be out and about at all our activity areas and soaking up the great weather! Tonight, we will gather as a camp family down by the lake for Shabbat, which is being led by our Lower Teen Girls. We can't wait! It certainly is a Fun-Filled Friday!


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