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Friday, July 22nd

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Yesterday began with sun and fun, as usual! There was lots of excitement in the air as our annual Barsel Cup 6th Grade and Under Hockey tournament took place starting in the morning and continuing to just before dinnertime. In our first game against Echo, we started off strong and secured a comfortable win! Game 2 had us face off against Equinunk, and it was a landslide victory for us with a final score of 8-1! Go lions! In the middle of the afternoon, we headed into the semifinals against Camp Wayne. We fought hard and won yet again, with a score of 4-2. Noah Stevens had a "hatty" or hat trick and our fans threw their hats on the rink to celebrate his skillful playing! In the finals against Timberlake, we gave it our all. Timberlake bested us by one goal, with a final score of 3-2. It was a tough loss but a riveting game for our fans. Sometimes losses are really wins in disguise and our young and talented team is full of motivation and momentum for future games to come!

Last night, our pools were in full effect. Lower Camp Boys had a rockin' pool party in the Mane Pool. Towards the end of the party, LCB CITs joined in the fun and played with the boys too. They had a blast! Nearby, at our Resort Pool, our Lower Teen Boys and Girls had their Lower Luau, a Hawaiian-themed pool party! They swam, played pool volleyball, and hung out poolside. What a fun night! Our Subbie Girls had movie night in the Mane Attraction theaters where they selected a spooky movie which gave them all the chills. They snacked on our movie theater-style butter popcorn and enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of our on-campus actual theaters. Inters and Crescents were busy putting the finishing touches on their Sing performances. Our Lower Camp Girls played Bingo on the big screen for awesome prizes while our Middle Camp Boys played the camp classic, Bunk Panic. Max Samuels put on a memorable comedic show for all of MCB. Our Upper Teen Boys and Girls played coed Wiffle Ball and had a great time joining forces for a sport-filled night. It was a fun evening for all!

This day started off with excitement too! Our annual Charity Cup Soccer tournament is taking place as I write! There are games throughout the day. With team captains, Sam Burns and Noah Finkelstein, at the helm, we anticipate positive outcomes! So far, our first game, against Lakota, ended in a shutout, with a score of 5-0! The Burns brothers, Max and Sam, alternated in goal and held off any attempts to score by the opposition. Max Broder scored the first goal, with Benji Rabinovich, Hunter Alfano, Brett Birnbaum, and Max Davis who soon followed suit. Broder and Rabinovich did a "shoe-tying" celebration to rejoice in the win! In game 2, againt Chipinaw, we came back from a 1-0 deficit to score 4 goals and end the game with a 4-1 win! Max Broder again took the first shot, which deflected off an opponent and went in! Next up, Brandon Sternthal's goal put us in the lead. Our scoring streak continued with Josh Lesnick and Alex Edenbaum, who brought our score to that 4-1 win. The finals are coming soon!

Tonight, we are in for a real is Girls Sing! This evening of Broadway-caliber performances never disappoints! We can't wait!

Shabbat Shalom! Here's to a Fantastical Friday!


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