Friday, July 16th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

There was so much excitement here at camp, I do not know where to begin! It was a HUGE special event day for our different campuses!

First off, Lower Camp Girls held their famously fun event, Messtival, yesterday! Events included wacky challenges like putting together a puzzle when the pieces are scattered in a bowl of pasta to messy ones like throwing feathers over shaving cream to create the best chicken. And of course there were more!

Teams and captains were as follows:

Team 1: "Hot Mess Express" - Emma Lieberman, Phoebe Fisher, Andie Zucker, Leah Schack

Team 2: "2 Messy" - Avery Shabsels, Asha Lipper, Andie Gimbel, Ella Safier

Team 3: "Messy" - Hannah Dorf, Sophie Weiss, Jada Burns, Chloe Cohen

Team 4: "Messy Monsters" - Lily Zwirn, Hailey Friedman, Jamie Sznol, Ashley Tenem

Team 5: "S'more Mess" - Remi Meran, Rylee Solash, Samantha Meyer, Bari Holden