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Friday, July 15th

Here is your "lion's share" of all the great activities our campers are enjoying...

Yesterday, Lower Camp Boys were treated to a tasty surprise! The Lokanda Express arrived with Ronen's made-to-order chocolate chip flapjacks. Simply delectable! After breakfast, our campers headed back to their bunks for some candid and fun bunk pictures so parents at home could get a look at their camper's bunk and individual area. MCB continued their Euro double-headers and are now half-way through the season! The boys are all in, as usual, with their Euro competition. Campers who are competing in our Aqua Cup competition today spent the afternoon yesterday practicing their strokes. They also attended practice first period today to ensure success. The level of dedication and camaraderie amongst our multi-age swim team is commendable and we cannot wait to cheer them on this afternoon.

In the evening last night, we all delighted in our annual Camper Talent Show. The level of skill in singing, dance, piano playing, and magic was so impressive. Highlights of the evening included Caden Cremer's rendition of "Mr. Brightside" which got everyone on their feet, singing along to this popular tune. Caden's vocals and stage presence have already made him a star here at Camp Lokanda and we expect to see great things from him in this season's camp play, Aladdin, for which Caden has a starring role. Leigha Hamilton wowed us with her soulful, sophisticated take on the classic song, "Desperado," by the Eagles. Her vocals were stunning. Another performance that brought down the house was that of Ashton Mechanic who performed a solo Hip-Hop routine to "Bones" by Imagine Dragons. He was outstanding! Another standout dance routine was performed by Emma Epstein and Jayde Adlman. These two Debs were so in sync with their well-choreographed moves that they won the hearty applause and jubilant cheers of the audience. Phoebe Fisher showed amazing poise and confidence, as did Brooke Schutzer, by choreographing and performing solo dance routines with pep and ease. There were so many amazing performances--too many to mention all here unfortunately. The final two performances of the night do warrant their own shout-outs for different reasons. The second to last act was performed by three Juniors--Caden Cremer, Danny Schnaier, and Reid Spindler. These boys chose to lead the camp in what I believe is one of their childhood favorites: The Hebrew Alphabet Song. Our DJ played the classic children's tune version as the backdrop and apparenly this song was a childhood favorite for many and a new favorite for more, as the ENTIRE CAMP INSTANTLY JOINED IN! It was truly adorable to see the smiles and laughter! Finally, Gabi Elchoness sang "Yellow" by Coldplay and got a standing ovation. We have watched her grow here at camp into a confident performer displaying poise and elegance. Well done!

Lots happening today and for Shabbat's to a Fabulous, Freestyle Stroke-Featuring Fri-yay!


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