Color War - The Results Are In!

Here is your "lion's share" of the NEWS YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR!

Winners of Sing were as follows:

Costumes / Scenery: Red

Presentation: Grey

Entrance Song: Red

Canteen Plaque: Grey

Dining Hall Plaque: Grey

Alma Mater: Red

Campers were on the edge of their seats, outside the wrestling rink, anxiously awaiting who the actual winner of Color War 2021 would be. As is tradition, the final match began with a ring full of all generals and lieutenants! The crowd sat in eager anticipation, and one by one lieutenants were down for the count and exited the ring. We were left with a final face-off between Red General Sam going up against Grey General Courtney. In a stunning victory, emerged the "sole wrestling survivor".....out from all the chocolate sauce, shaving cream, whipped cream, glitter and silly string, stood our victorious general.....