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Our aquatic activities take place in our beautiful spring fed lake and 2 heated pools. They provide a great place for our campers to cool off and have a great time with their friends. In our lake, our campers enjoy our Boating, Waterpark and Lake Swim area, all of which become instant favorites. All aquatic areas are carefully supervised by American Red Cross certified lifeguards and campers are required to wear life jackets during all lake activities (except swim lessons). Motor boats are not permitted in the lake, and as a result, many safety issues and pollutants are avoided.


Camp Lokanda has two heated swimming pools that serve different purposes. The first pool is used throughout the day for those campers who want to swim laps as part of our long distance Swim and Be Fit Program. In addition, at certain designated times, campers can have loads of fun on our two speedy Water Slides or play a game of "full court" Water Basketball in the shallow area.

Our second pool, framed by a beautiful waterfall and two gazebos, is used exclusively for leisurely swimming and water volleyball. Our dedicated lifeguards oversee our pools and everyone is encouraged to have a great time.



Our Water Park is consistently a camper favorite. Stationed in the middle of the lake, campers can have lots of fun using the huge water trampolines, the 16 foot glacier, the rolling log, the slip and slides and the mini-blobs. Every year we add new elements to enhance the fun and challenges at the Water Park.

Our lifeguards make sure that everyone is wearing a life vest before they allow them to plunge into the lake and enjoy our watery amusement park. Throughout the period the water park staff makes sure that everyone is having fun and obeying the safety rules. At the end of the period you get to sign your name on the activity board to let everyone know that you've mastered yet another event at Lokanda's amazing Water Park!



Lokanda's fleet of water craft allows our campers to enjoy the shifting winds and rippling waters on our three and one-half mile spring-fed lake. Whether they are kayakers, surfboarders or sailors, they are guaranteed to have the time of their life boating all the way across our lake.

It takes a great deal of skill to maneuver our new fleet of Hobie Catamarans through changing wind patterns and return the craft in time when the "All Boats In" horn echoes across the lake. All these skills and more are taught by our accomplished boating staff.


Lake Swim

Our instructors and swim coaches work individually with our campers and concentrate on new skills in line with American Red Cross guidelines. After mastering daily skills, the campers get a chance to have some good old fashioned fun, lounging on giant inner tubes, learning how to dive, and participating in a variety of water games, including our floating rope swing.

Campers who pass the Deep Water Test at Lake Swim are then able to participate in all lake activities. Our youngest campers receive Lake Instruction throughout the week. In addition they are scheduled for free swim periods in one of our 2 heated pools. Campers who develop stamina are encouraged to do an across the lake swim guided by one of our Lake Swim instructors in a rowboat. 

Swim stroke mastery, endurance swimming, and just plain fun are the things that Lokanda campers can look forward to at Lake Swim each summer.

For those youngsters who are interested in competitive swimming we schedule 3 intercamp swim meets and 2 intracamp swim meets.



Getting up on skis is such a great thrill. Our campers are taught how to ski while first holding a pole attached to the side of one of our boats. They then graduate to a tow rope and that's when their exciting journey begins. With different skis specially designed for various skill levels, our campers are sure to learn how to water ski in short time. 

If they fall on their first few attempts, our lifeguard certified water ski instructors walk our campers through the steps again. Then, suddenly, at just the right speed, our campers are standing on their own and skiing along in the middle of the lake and on top of the world! With their fellow campers on the boat cheering for them, it's certainly one of the most memorable moments for each camper. 

We also offer tubing and knee boarding as our boats tow and pull our campers to hours of fun on the lake.